Wild West and Wizards - Buy or Pass

Wild West and Wizards - Buy or Pass


Steam is filled with indie games, and some can be interesting and unique experiences, while others, not so much. An indie game that recently releases can cause concern. You may find yourself wondering if you should buy the game. In this Buy or Pass article, I will be reviewing and helping you decide whether you want to buy Wild West and Wizards.

Art Style and Graphics

Starting out in Wild West and Wizards, you are placed in a desolate desert land. The land is filled with rocks and small trees. The art style is incredibly unique. Personally, I am a sucker for unique art styles such as this.

The weapons are low poly and unique to the game.

Character models are, alright. Nothing special and most character models around the world are repeat models.

Houses and locations are interesting. Some are bland but some can be extremely colorful and creative.

The graphics aren't anything new or jaw-dropping. They are low poly and unique, but that is exactly what gives the game charm. There are locations where color really does pop and is impressive


A large part of the game is centered around the combat.


  • Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is focused on weapon use. The skill tree allows you to upgrade your weapon damage and accuracy. You can also use abilities that turn your bullets into fire or some that allow you to have aim bot level accuracy for a short period of time.

  • Wizard

The Wizard uses a combination of magic spells and weapons. This class is great for dealing with long term damage and using magic spells to heal. The skill tree allows you to upgrade your fire and ice abilities. You can use abilities that heal you and can increase the damage of your spells.

  • Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor also uses a combination of guns and spells but uses more poisons and potions. You can have abilities that suck the health of your enemies and applies health to you. You can also poison your enemies to deal with longer-lasting damage.


Fire ability

Ice ability



Above are only a few abilities that you can use in the game. There many more unique abilities in the game that spruce up the combat. I found myself using a mixture of a lot to fit my specific play-style.


  • Bandits

Mostly just uses guns.

  • Wizards

Uses guns and magic spells. There are usually two types of wizards, ice wizards and fire wizards. Each either use ice or fire as their spells and have weaknesses depending on which wizard they are.

  • Scorpions

Sprays poison at you.

  • Rock creatures

Lots of health and can shoot rocks and spells at you.

There aren't many enemy types in the game. I would have wanted more, but there are enough that I didn't get bored.


  • Revolver

Probably the most universal gun to use. Great at all ranges.

  • Rifle

Pretty useful for taking targets out from far away so that you can avoid their spell castings hitting you.

  • Shotgun

Really great for bosses if you can get close up enough.

  • Repeater

Never used this much but when I did it was effective.

There aren't many weapons in the game. I did find myself using the different types based on the enemy I was fighting. You can also find and buy upgrades versions of each gun.

The combat overall is not bad. It isn't anything special or in-depth, yet there are enough abilities and unique spells that I found myself enjoying the simplistic style. If you are looking for a game with in-depth combat mechanics, this isn't the game you are looking for. The combat is just enough to keep you interested.


You encounter a number of bosses throughout the game. None are very memorable and they basically consist of regular enemies with a lot more health. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the fights.


The map is split into 3 different sections.

  • Desert

Great area to explore, lots of stories and towns. Does get bland after awhile, but not bland enough to not want to come back.

  • Field

Very open area with interesting stories. Not too many towns but refreshing with the open fields.

  • Forest

My personal favorite area. The colors and look of this area is great! Very vibrant and fun to explore.

  • Caves

The cave systems in the game amount to practically a fourth map area. Some caves are massive and have puzzles and some are just down right beautiful to look through.

The map size is large. It isn't the biggest game but it is very impressive considering the size of the dev team. The map is split into 3 areas, Desert, Field, Forest, and Caves. Each feels unique and yet connected to the world. The variety is great and the map design is fluid and keeps you wanting to explore more.


The story is basically centered around this world that struggles with trusting magic users. There have sprouting cases of dark magic and some of the common folk think it should be outlawed. There is a cause for this dark magic and your goal is to stop it.

The story isn't anything special. The main story takes around 20-30 hours to complete. I didn't dislike the main story, but I found myself more interested in the world around it. The side quests were intriguing and some were better then the main story.

Side Quests

  • Abandon Village

This story was extremely interesting. I stumbled upon this village and found myself involved in what happened to the residents in the village.

  • Juliet's Death

I also stumbled across this story. I was interested in what happened to this woman and what the reason was for her murder.

The side quests are really the star of this game. Some are very short and uninteresting. Some are extremely detailed and can take a couple of hours to complete. The map is filled with small interesting stories and you never know when you will stumble upon one.

Buy or Pass

Wild West and Wizards isn't a revolutionary game, but it is a fun one! The game's combat is basic and bare-bones but has enough to it to keep you interested. The story isn't all that interesting, but the world-building is great. The world is littered with unique and involving side quests that build to the world itself. The graphics are low poly and unique. Some areas are bland but some are colorful and vibrant. The caves are vast and promote exploration. The entire world flows nicely and works well together. Overall the game was fun to play. It is currently priced at 14.99 on steam, and for that price, this game is definitely worth a buy!

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