When Should You Explore in God of War (2018)?

When Should You Explore in God of War (2018)?

God of War is one of those games that give you the choice to either follow the story or branch off and explore the open-world areas. It has a huge world that players can explore, one that is incredibly detailed and offers all sorts of things to do. 

However, one question arises - should you focus on the story, or follow your own curiosity? It is honestly up to the player to determine whether or not they want to spend extra time exploring the world.

If you do decide to stray off the main path, there are plenty of things God of War has hidden to make your exploration worthwhile. There are a variety of hidden items, treasures, side-missions, and modes that are all worth checking out.

Is it worth doing side missions?

The side-missions are not essential to God of War's story, but they are fun. They offer more insight on the main characters, let you upgrade your weapons and armor, open up new areas of the map, and allow you to get cool items.

There is no wrong answer here - if these side missions sound interesting or useful to you, then go ahead and play them. The choice is ultimately up to you. If you're feeling lost or like the game isn't giving you enough direction, you can always go back to the main story.

If you're feeling the need to do side missions, God of War will give them to you with plenty of rewards. However, it's not vital to God of War's story experience so don't feel pressured into playing them.

What is there to explore?

There is a lot God of War has hidden within its open-world areas, and it offers various modes to give you an extra challenge. The exploration itself also gives God of War's world much more depth and richness.

The world God of War is made up of five major areas, each offering something different. There are small puzzles scattered throughout God of War's world, adding to God of War's puzzle count. There are also hidden chests at various locations, where you can get God of War's special gear or money.

God of War's main storyline is about 20 hours long, but it offers much more content to keep you busy. The longer you explore, the more rewarding it will become.

Can you still explore after beating the game?

Yes, the world is available to explore after the main story has been completed. There is a lot to explore if you didn't do that much exploring beforehand.

God of War's post-game is a great time to go back and check God of War's world out if you liked it during the main story. It offers players a challenge if they want to go back and replay God of War's post-game content.

It is a very long game, so the post-game offers plenty of extra hours for God of War fans. It also has a lot more content beyond God of War's main story that you can enjoy. If you want the game to last longer, then go right ahead and explore to your heart's content.

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