What's New - SCP: Secret Laboratory Scopophobia

What's New - SCP: Secret Laboratory Scopophobia


The much anticipated Scopophobia update for SCP: Secret Laboratory is finally out! There is a lot to cover and the developers have put a lot into this new update. I'll be here to cover the most important things about the update.

SCP-096 (Shy Guy) Rework

The most obvious change is the total rework of SCP-096. He was already one of the most powerful SCP's but now he is the best SCP to use against large groups.

  • New Look

Shy guy got a totally new look. He is now the tallest SCP in the game. He also got a new voice and scream sound. As well as new animations.

  • New Animations

A long with the new look and sound, he has new animations. The most notable animation is the ability to pry open gate doors. This is terrifying and essentially allows him to go anywhere he wants.

  • Tracking

Another ability he now has is tracking down people who look at him. What this means is that when someone looks at him, he can now see them throughout the map via a red aura.

  • Scaling

He also now has scaling with the amount of kills. His health and the duration of his rage mode will scale with each kill he gets.

Spawning Tickets

There are now things called spawning tickets. These are essentially a pool of tickets that each team has for respawns.

  • Chaos - 14 Tickets
  • NTF - 24 Tickets

For example, if Chaos team members respawn 14 times in total, Chaos is out of the round. Same with NTF, which brings more balance in each round.

You can also gain more tickets as a team. I'll list the examples down below.

- Starts with 14 tickets
- +1 whenever a Class-D escapes
- +1 whenever a Scientist dies
- +2 whenever a cuffed Scientist escapes
- +2 whenever a Class-D or CI uses an SCP item

- Starts with 24 tickets
- +1 whenever a Scientist escapes
- +1 whenever a cuffed Class-D escapes
- +1 for every 25% max health lost on an SCP, up to 4 total tickets per SCP

Stamina Bar

There is now an addition of a stamina bar. It takes around 20 seconds of a full run to empty the bar completely. It will regenerate, but I don't know exactly if this is a good thing or bad. It may bringa a little more balance when trying to chase someone down.

Status Effects

Status effects are new natural occurrences that randomly happen to a player during a game. These add more elements to the game and there are quite a few. Down below are the listed effects.

- Amnesia prevents you from opening your inventory or reloading.
- Bleeding is a damage-over-time that starts out dealing high damage and decreases over time.
- Blinded hugely blurs your screen, preventing you from making out any detail.
- Burned increases all damage taken by a small amount.
- Concussed blurs your screen depending on how fast you turn your camera.
- Deafened greatly muffles everything you hear.
- Decontaminating is now a status effect, and drains 10% of your max health per second until death.
- Disabled cripples your movement speed.
- Ensnared stops you from moving at all.
- Hemorrhage quickly causes damage while sprinting.
- Poisoned is the inverse of Bleeding - it starts with low damage and slowly ramps up.

In addition, there are also some stamina-related statuses:

- Invigorated causes running to cost no stamina, although running will still pause stamina regeneration even if it doesn't have a stamina cost.
- Asphyxiated quickly drains stamina, and drains health if stamina is gone.
- Exhausted cuts max stamina and stamina regeneration rate in half.
- Panic slightly increases all stamina drain.

You can also heal these effects with the various SCP medications around the map (SCP-500).

Main Menu Rework

Another rework I am happy to see if the complete overhaul of the menu. This new menu grants us actual setting and a better server list. You can find servers easier and you have more search options.


Lastly I will list some minor balances that I think are notable.


-Movement speed increased


- Windup on attacks has been removed (was previously 0.2s)
- Hands are now less prominent on the screen
- Attacks now destroy windows


- Attacks now inflict Amnesia for 3 seconds
- Multiple attacks will add to the duration of the effect
- Attacks now consistently deal 65 damage, instead of a random amount between 50 and 80


- can now walk through windows

- to lock down rooms in Entrance Zone as well as more rooms in Heavy Containment

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