What to Do Before Embarking on a Quest in Monster Hunter: World

What to Do Before Embarking on a Quest in Monster Hunter: World

If you have ever played a Monster Hunter game, you will know that you can't go into your quests unprepared. If you do, you are risking losing a lot of the rewards in the end or even failing the quest entirely. If you don't know exactly what to do to prepare for each quest you start, I am here to tell you how.

Here is what to do before embarking on your quest:

  • Accept your quest
  • Eat food from the Canteen
  • Customize your equipment
  • Re-stock your needed items
  • Wait for your friends or randoms to join you (optional)

Accept your quest

I mean, it is pretty obvious, you need to accept the quest you want to do before you can do it. All you have to do is go to the billboard or your Handler and find the quest you want to start. You can choose how many players can join your quest and then set a passcode on the quest if you would like. The passcode is so that your friend can join while keeping it locked from other random players.

Eat food from the Canteen

The single most important thing to do before a quest is to eat in the Canteen. Not only does this give you a boost in health and stamina, but it also increases them majorly, which can help in those really difficult fights. You will want as much health as you can for fights because the monsters you fight towards the end of the game are insanely hard to beat if you don't know their moveset. Just eat before your quest.

Customize your equipment

You might want to use a different weapon or armor set depending on the monster you chose to fight. Always check your equipment beforehand, so you are not stuck with a weak weapon the entire quest. That will not only increase the time it takes to finish the quest, but it will also give more time for you to faint if the monster is difficult. Check your weapon and armor set to see if the creature you are fighting is weak to the element you are currently using.

Re-stock your needed item

Always check your item box to see if you have everything re-stocked. If you don't you might run into having too little of one potion or having to run back to the camp to refill certain items. Try to get everything you can before the quest so you can focus solely on fighting the creature itself. Make sure you always have Traps and Tranq Bombs so you don't have to kill it, and always have Potions. Always re-stock your items.

Wait for your friends or randoms to join you (optional)

One more thing that you can optionally do is to wait for your friends to join your quest. Keep in mind that whoever joins the quest must be in your session. The only way someone can join you from another session is if you throw up an SOS Flare during the quest, but otherwise, they have to be in your session at the time of the quest posting. Randoms can join also, but they also have to be in your session.

*All pictures were taken from the MH:W Fandom Wiki*

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