Top 9 Best Steam Games Under $10 (Part 2)

Top 9 Best Steam Games Under $10 (Part 2)

There are thousands of cheap games on Steam, and it can be hard to choose which game you want to play. We are here today to show you some of our favorite games that are pretty cheap and hopefully will help in your decision on which game you should get. 

Some of these games on this list will make you scratch your head and others will be very well-known games. Just keep in mind that all these games are ones we enjoy playing and the goal of this video is to show you some games that you might think about buying.

Bonus - Geometry Dash $4

Geometry Dash is obviously a great choice to put on this list just because of how much is in the game for you to do. If you don’t know what geometry dash is, it is technically a mobile game, but you are basically a shape that needs to use the music and complete these parkour-like levels.

There are the levels built by the creators, and there are the levels built by the community. You could even build a level if you wanted to. There is also a ton of customization for your shape as well. It is just an overall great game that is extremely cheap.

9. Goat Simulator $10

Goat Simulator is another one of those weird games that make absolutely no sense. If you were on youtube back in 2014, you probably know about this game. The game itself is purposefully buggy by the developers and if you play it, you’ll know what we mean.

You are a goat and you just explore and destroy stuff, that is it. There are some collectibles and objectives that give you different abilities to mess around with, but it is just one of those games you play to relax and mess around in. If you are bored, go try this game out.

8. Who’s Your Daddy? $5

Who’s your daddy is another game that was big a couple of years ago. It is about a father who is trying to protect his son from certain death. You can play as either the father or the baby and you can play with up to 7 other friends.

The whole point of the game is to keep your baby away from anything harmful. As the baby, you can eat harmful stuff like bleach and batteries, and you can also try to grab forks and try to stick them into electrical sockets. It is honestly one of the weirdest games on Steam and is very fun if you have friends to play it with.

7. Garfield Kart $5

Garfield Kart is a game that was a meme in part 1 of this video. Yes, it is a Mario kart ripoff, but honestly, it is a fun karting game. If you don’t know what this game is, just read the title. All the people who watched the Garfield show as a kid will appreciate this game a lot because the music and characters are all based on the show.

The game is extremely cheap and fun if you have the money. Unfortunately, the first Garfield kart does not have multiplayer, but if you want to play with your friends, you need to get the second Garfield kart which is around $15, but the first game is a good meme and a fun game if you are interested.

6. Blackwake $5

Blackwake is a game where you take control of either the British or Pirate teams. You have access to a bunch of weapons and it is your task to work with your team and complete all tasks needed within each mission. One task may be to destroy the enemy ships or even defend your fort from the enemy team.

It is a very fun game to play with friends since you can all be on the same ship and work together as a team. The game does have an in-game voice chat if you need to talk to other people as well.

5. Post Void $3

Post Void is an extremely fast-paced first-person shooter that is based on the old-school shooters from the early 2000s. You start out with a small pistol and work your way through these weird buildings while killing these creatures along the way.

You also have an idol that you need to keep filling in order to stay alive and you need to get kills to fill it. After every level, you get to choose a new weapon or get an upgrade for something, but if you die, you have to start all over again. This game is one of the cheapest on this list but it is definitely worth the money.

4. Islanders $5

Islanders is a minimalist strategy-building game about getting as many points as you can to get more buildings. Basically, you start with a certain number of buildings and each building needs to be near certain other buildings to give you more points. It is similar to a puzzle game but when you lose, it is entirely your fault. You aren’t timed, but the game can get pretty hard when you get to a low number of buildings to put down and you can only make 1 mistake.

There isn’t much else to say about this game other than it is a very chill game and it is pretty cheap as well. If you like strategy puzzle games, you will enjoy this one. It is very similar to another game called Dorf Romantic and they are both under $10 if you are also interested in that one as well.

3. Bean Battles $1

Bean Battles are one of the best games on this list and it has been on many other lists that we made. If you have been following the channel at all or have been in our discord, then you will know we base a lot on this game and it has been a staple within our small community. It is the cheapest game on the list and probably one of the best games you can buy.

Bean battles is pretty much a small battle royale where you are a bean and you need to kill all the other beans unless you do a team battle. There isn’t really much else to this game, but it is one of the best on this list. If you haven’t already, go buy and play Bean battles for yourself.

2. Left for Dead 2 $10

Left for Dead 2 is a classic game that if you haven’t played, go buy it and play it. Basically, you are 1 of 4 survivors and you fight through hordes of zombies. It is the OG zombie game that made the genre famous. You can play with 3 other friends and help each other through the post-apocalyptic world. If you haven't played it, go and buy it on a sale or even from sites like G2A or Gamegator.

$10 dollars is the max you need to pay for these games so remember they do get cheaper on sales. We would also recommend getting the first one as well because their stories do intertwine. We would recommend buying the whole valve bundle on a sale so you can get all the old-school valve games for a cheap price. With that collection comes both portal games as well which are honorable mentions for this list.

1. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) $10

Star Wars Battlefront 2 2005 is one of our favorite games of all time. No, we aren’t talking about the 2017 Battlefront 2, this Battlefront 2 came out in 2005. It is the game we played in our childhood and will always be our favorite Star Wars game. We are not entirely sure if the online servers are open in the game because the developers often open them back up again.

There is also a large modding community so if that interests you, then go check this game out. Maybe even buy it for nostalgia’s sake if you did play it all those years ago. There is soo much to do in this game whether it is the campaign, instant action, or even the Galactic Conquest mode. We are patiently waiting for a full remake of this game, but I don’t think it is in the works.

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