Top 7 Best Platformer Games Under $10

Top 7 Best Platformer Games Under $10

There are a ton of platforming games out there whether you played Little Big Planet 2 on PS3 or Leo’s Fortune on Mobile. Platformer games can be played in many different ways and all the games on this list are all different from each other whether they are 2D, 3D, or even cartoonish.

Keep in mind that all these games do go on sale pretty regularly and make sure to wishlist them to get notifications on when they do go on sale.

We are sorry if your favorite platformer game did not make this list, so if you want to let other people know about your favorite platformer game, just tell us in the comment section down below. So, here are the 7 best platformer games under 10 dollars:

1. Ori and the Blind Forest $4.99

Ori and the blind forest is an indie gem. From the graphical style to the smooth gameplay, it definitely is one of the best platformers out there right now. The game is about a small orphan who is trying to revive the forest from its oncoming death. The power is slowly drifting away and it is up to you to save it. This is another game that was hand-designed and it really pays off in the end.

No wonder this game has overwhelmingly positive on steam. You do all sorts of platforming stuns and just everything in this game is almost perfect. There is also a second game called Will of the Wisps and this game is just as good as the first. If you enjoy platformers, the Ori games, and hidden gems that not a ton of people know about.

2. Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy $7.99

Getting over it is another one of those meme games that you play to get angry. If you don’t know what this game is, it is a game about a man in a pot who tries to use a hammer to get over the obstacles to apparently go to space? It is a very weird concept that started these meme games and it is a very hard game when you first boot it up.

There are parts of the game that will put you back to the beginning if you mess up and it is an extremely unforgiving game. The whole game is played with your mouse and it is up to you to get this pot man up to the highest point of the map, all while an annoying man whispers in your ear. It definitely is a fun game if you don’t rage quit and keep going though. Let us know down in the comments if you have beaten this game before, or even got the golden pot for beating the game 50 times.

3. Grow Home $7.99

Grow Home is a small, fun exploration game about trying to get to your spaceship. You are a little robot and you crash-landed on a strange planet. You need to use the seeds around this planet to grow giant green plants all the way up to your spaceship. There is a massive world to explore and in each section you find, there are new collectibles to find and caves to search.

Along your journey, you will encounter all sorts of wildlife and other plant creatures. The game is very unique in its climbing physics which if turned into a VR game, could be a great model. You need to control both of the robots hands and slowly climb up to the top of any plant you grow. You need to direct the plant growth in a way that lets you get higher and higher to eventually reach your spaceship and leave. There is also a second game called Grow Up that might be another good investment if you enjoyed the first game enough.

4. Pogostuck: Rage With Your Friends $6.99

Pogostuck is a meme game that is only there to be difficult. It is similar to other games like jump king because the only reason they exist is to make the average gamer angry. You might have seen some streamers play this game and that is what made this game and other games like it, extremely popular. The whole point of the game is to use your pogo stick and jump to the top of the mountain in the game.

Along the way, you will encounter some really annoying areas that will make you rage. You can even play the game with your friends and rage together. You need to use perfectly timed jumps and flips to overcome the annoying areas. It is definitely a game to get if you want to get mad at the game by yourself or with your friends.

5. Refunct $3.99

Refunct is a puzzle-platformer game that has you jumping around all these large rectangle pillars. The goal of the game is to restore the green on each of the pillars by jumping on them. It is another extremely simple game, but it can get a little confusing at times. You need to find buttons to bring pillars out of the water and parkour around this really cool-looking landscape.

The game isn’t too long, but it is definitely worth playing. It is also one of the cheapest games on this list and is absolutely worth picking up if you find it on sale. It is also an extremely fun puzzle platformer so if you like these types of games, it might be worth the money.

6. Super Fancy Pants Adventure $9.99

Super Fancy Pants Adventure is another one of those nostalgic games that if you played any sort of flash game on a site, fancy pants was one of those games. The basic premise of the game is that you are a stick man with a large pair of pants on. You then have to parkour through weird worlds to try and find your sister who was stolen by some pirates.

Yeah, if you never played it, it might sound a little weird. You need to fight all sorts of enemies like spiders and snails, and everything in the game is hand-drawn. When a developer puts a ton of work into making a game look unique, it automatically gets bonus points for being extremely unique. Fancy Pants is definitely a game that you should look into if you enjoy platforming games.

7. Bit.trip Runner $9.99

Bit.trip Runner is a game we used to play on the wii years ago. It is extremely simple in that the only things you need to do are jump and slide. Yes, some people might consider this game a runner game, but we consider it a platforming game. The goal of the game is to try and collect as much gold and powerups as possible to get the best score on each level.

When you collect all the gold in a level, you get a bonus level that can increase your score by a lot. I would probably put this in the category of geometry dash in a way because you need to jump and slide to the music. It definitely is a fun simple game to play when you want to relax. The visuals are also pretty satisfying to look at and make for a very pleasant gaming experience.

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