Top 7 Best Free Board Games on Steam

Top 7 Best Free Board Games on Steam

Board games have been around for thousands of years, and they are still played a lot today. Not only are there great board games that were created years ago, but there have also been a ton of new ones.

The next evolution of these types of games are digital board games, and that is what we are going to be covering in this list. We aren’t going to talk about card games similar to magic the gathering or hearthstone, we are going over games that can be played on a board, obviously because they are called board games.

7. Gromopoli 

Gromopoli is sort of a monopoly clone. It can have up to 8 players, and you can even make teams if you wanted to. The jist of the game is that you need to get as many properties as you can while trying to screw over the other players, just like monopoly.

There is online PVP, local PVP, and AI PVP so you can play the game however you want to. There are also a ton of board themes to choose from, which changes up the look of the game for the people who get bored of a specific board.

There are even different board sizes for people who want longer games. It is a very good monopoly clone and is definitely worth checking out if you don’t want to pay for the full monopoly game.

6. Feud

Feud is a board game similar to chess, but played on a 4 by 4 grid. Instead of moving your pieces, they swap places and the goal of the game is to take out the enemy king.

There is full online, local, and AI matches and it is very easy to learn but hard to master. It is on mobile if you want to play it on your phone, but the best way to experience the game is through Steam.

The look of the game is extremely simple, but that is what gives the game its charm. The gameplay is smooth, and it is very easy to run on any computer. You can even play the game on Mac and Linux.

If you have a friend, challenge them to a game of feud and see who is the better player.

5. Simply Chess

Simply Chess is just a chess game. Yes, literally. There are a ton of these types of games and it is hard to find a good one that is well made.

There is online and local play, and if you go up against AI, there are over 100 difficulty levels to choose from. There are 2D and 3D modes, and you can play however you like.

There are even ranked modes for people who like to be competitive in chess. We know there are a ton of people who enjoy playing chess and this game is a great version that is loved by many people.

We know that there are websites where you can play chess, but there is something about booting up a game from your Steam library that makes a big difference for most people.

If you enjoy playing chess, with other people or even AI, then go try this chess game out on steam for yourself.

4. Tabletopia

Tabletopia is a clone of tabletop simulator. If you don’t know what tabletop simulator is, it is a massive sandbox that allows you to play over 2000+ board games within the game. It sounds to good to be true but it is true.

We would say if you can’t afford tabletop simulator, then tabletopia is a great alternative to it. There are a ton of free games to play within the game, and there are also paid games if you so happen to like the game more than you think.

From sorry, to uno, anything can be played within tabletopia and it is a great sandbox to just play whatever you want to. The best part is that you don’t need to pay money to have fun with the game.

There are paid expansions, but everything you can have fun with is totally free. All you need to do to start a game is choose a game, make a table, and invite your friends to join you.

It is an all around polished experience and fun when you get a group to play some digital board games together. It is a sandbox so you can even mess around with the games itself to make it how you want to play.

3. Stormbound

Stormbound is a board game that brings the positional awareness of chess with the resource management of a collectible card game. You need to choose 1 of 4 kingdoms and build a deck around that one you choose.

You then need to play the cards on the board and try to eliminate the enemy troops as fast as possible. There is actually a story to this game to if you like that part of the game.

You can either play the story, or fight people online in PVP matches. The implementation of the board is actually really cool and how you use the cards is the key to winning each battle.

This is another game that can be played on mobile and it is definitely worth the download on steam if you enjoy it enough. If you enjoy deck building and chess-like games, then you might want to check this one out.

2. Catan Universe

Catan Universe is exactly what it sounds like. It is the game Settlers of Catan but digital. If you don’t know what Settlers of Catan is, it is basically a very complicated board game where you need to build up your empire and defeat the other players.

The reason it is complicated is because of all the rules you need to follow. It is not a game you can learn in like 10 minutes. It takes a long time to learn and master everything, but once you get the hang of it, you might find that you really enjoy the game.

You go through a journey where you need to build up your kingdom and trade or battle with other players to try and be the most powerful lord in the kingdom. If you really enjoy the game, there are also a ton of expansions you can get that make the game even more challenging.

Get some friends and go enjoy your time in Catan, and maybe try to get really good at the game so you can easily destroy every opponent that goes against you.

1. Risk: Global Domination

Risk: Global Domination is probably the best free board game you can play on steam, at least for us. There is actually a ton of content in the game like new maps, characters, and even campaigns to play.

If you don’t know what the board game Risk is, it is essentially a game where you need to take over the entire board with your troops. It does feel a little rigged at times with the RNG, but besides that, the game is amazing and it is best played with friends.

The animations are cool and the gameplay is very smooth. Plus, you don’t need a beast pc to play it. There are also a ton of maps that you can buy with in-game currency like a map of Europe or even a Japanese map.

There is honestly soo much in the game even if you have the base map and characters. Just make sure to play with friends because that is the best part of these types of games.

If you enjoy Risk, you will love this game, and if you have never played Risk in your life, then get some friends and enjoy destroying each other and making enemies in the domination of the Risk world.

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