Top 7 Best Free Action Games on Steam

Top 7 Best Free Action Games on Steam

Action games have been made for many years, whether it was the original Doom games or even old arcade games. The action genre has soo many sub-genres underneath it, knowing which is the best is a pretty hard challenge.

In 7 free action games on this list, we purposefully didn’t put similar games into it so we can try to please as many people as we can with different types of games.

This is Chug from Cubold Gaming, and here are our top 7 best free action games you can play on Steam.

Retrograde Arena (7)

Retrograde Arena is a multiplayer arena shooter where you need to use your bullets to push the enemy players into the deadly surroundings of the arena. The weapons you use don’t actually do damage to the enemies, so you need to use the physics of your weapons to push the enemies around.

It definitely is a pretty unique take on arena shooters and it is surprisingly fun. You can play against friends, random people online, and even AI, so there is a lot you can do here. There are 4 weapon types you can choose from: area of effect, ricochet, reflection, or even brute force.

Each one does something different and you need to learn how to use each one effectively to win. There are multiple game modes as well: Supersizer, King of the Crown, and Last Drone Standing are the 3 game modes and they are all pretty fun.

There are also a ton of customization options for your Drone so you can distinguish between each other. If you enjoy arena fighters, then you might really enjoy this game.

Outpost (6)

Outpost is a rogue-like survival game where you need to adapt to each season to survive. You start in a randomly generated area that is different every time you play. You need to scavenge materials through the day and set up defenses for the upcoming enemies.

At night, the enemies will slowly head towards your base and you will need to defend it. If you can survive a night, you will need to go out scavenging again for some more materials. If you die, you die, and you will have to start all over again.

The graphics are pretty simple and the gameplay is actually pretty fun. It is one of those games that most people just don’t really pay attention to. If you enjoy rogue-likes, then give this game a try.

Swarm (5)

Swarm is a simple game where you need to defeat a creature called swarm.exe. You will need to use the help of the music to take the creature down. There are two ways to play: a top-down shooter mode or a side-to-side player mode. Each one brings on separate challenges, and it gives you that feeling of finally beating a boss once you do it.

There is a massive leaderboard system where you can put your high scores on and it challenges you to get better at the game. It isn’t a very long game, but it is something fun to play when you don’t have much else to do.

The music is great and the gameplay is very smooth. A lot of people want the developer to expand more on the game because it is a great game and it would work very well with new bosses. It reminds us a lot of Galaga on steroids.

Scorch (4)

Scorch is a Noir inspired stealth shooter where you need to take out thugs as you try and break away from your former life. You were previously a Hitman for a crime family, so the goal of the game is to take out the crime family so you can be free of any ties.

The graphics in this game are what make it stand out because it is almost black and white with a very dark feel to it. The blood is the only thing that has color and it makes it pop out a lot more than games with a ton of color.

It is a very short and easy game, but it is a game that can take up a little bit of time when you want to try something new. The gameplay is very good and it is extremely easy to run on any computer. If this game looks interesting to you, make sure to check it out on Steam.

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Legend of the Outlaw Mage (3)

Legend of the Outlaw Mage is an above view third-person action roguelike. You are a former leader of a bandit group and you are on the hunt to find out who double-crossed you. You use a variety of attacks from magic to weapons, and there is surprisingly a lot to this game.

It adds a lot of dungeon crawler action to the roguelike gameplay and it works extremely well. There are a bunch of enemy types and the graphics are pretty decent compared to older games like it.

Ir reminds us a lot of the game called West of Dead, which is also another rogue-like that is extremely similar to this one. The graphic style of this game is also really unique and is one of the best free rogue-likes you can play right now.

You explore canyons and caverns eliminating anything in your way, and you find spells to customize to your playstyle. If you enjoy roguelikes, then go try this one out for yourself.

Apotheon Arena (2)

Apotheon Arena is a game we used to play on the PS4 like 6 or 7 years ago. It is an older game, but believe me, it is fun. It is a free edition of the RPG Apotheon and it adds multiplayer to the core gameplay.

It is a free online-multiplayer complement to the mythic Greek action RPG, Apotheon. Pit your skills with a spear and shield against other players in brutal bronze-age combat. Battle across the sunique arenas of Olympus depicted with beautiful black-figure pottery artwork.

You need to show your skills with dozens of weapons and shields, trying to complete any game modes you are playing. There are 3 game modes: deathmatch, team deathmatch, and team elimination. The gameplay is very fun and satisfying and it definitely is worth trying.

If you like the free Arena version enough, then you might want to look into the full game. There is a full story to it and everything. If you enjoy Greek mythology and 2D fighting games, this might be the game for you.

Blood Spear (1)

Blood Spear is an action ranged exploration game. You need to use the power of blood to throw spears at your enemies and defeat them. Yes, it is simple, but the core gameplay is what makes this game shine.

The core mechanic involves aiming your spear at enemies and impaling them against the environment. Throw with precision, use your demonic powers to charge your spears, shatter planted spears to release even more power, and nourish from the blood of dead enemies to heal.

A strange cult inhabits the sanctuary and carries out occult rituals. They seem to be controlled by a superior entity and feed off the corruption of the place. Whatever their goals are, they don't want to be disturbed.

The graphics are very good for a smaller studio and some people say that the impact of the weapons feels like Santa Monica’s God of War 2018. The game isn’t very long, but it is fun to go in and defeat as many enemies as you can.

It is extremely satisfying and is definitely worth looking into. Maybe the developer might turn it into a full-fledged game one day. If you enjoy third-person ranged combat, then check this game out for yourself.


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