Top 5 Praetor Suit Upgrades to Get First - Doom Eternal

Top 5 Praetor Suit Upgrades to Get First - Doom Eternal

#1 Explosive Pinatas (Environment)

*Barrels will leave behind some ammo when destroyed. Costs 2 Praetor Suit Point to unlock* 

Look for the yellow section on the upgrade disk. This allows for barrels that you destroy to drop ammo for you to pick up. This is helpful if you don’t have ammo and your chainsaw is out of fuel. It costs 2 tokens so it is one of the cheaper upgrades to get. Also, there are a ton of explosive barrels everywhere so it is worth getting.

#2 Bigger Fog Lights (Exploration)

*Larger AutoMap reveal radius. Costs 2 Praetor Suit Points to unlock*

This gives you a larger Automap reveal radius so you can find collectibles faster. It also gives you the satisfaction of exploring the map by making it a little easier. Really good if you want to find every collectible.

#3 Grappler (Fundamentals)

*Faster Ledge Grab and Monkey Bars. Costs 1 Praetor Suit Point to unlock*

This gives you a faster grab for ledges and monkey bars so you can get around much faster. With this upgrade, you can parkour almost anywhere at a much faster pace. Everyone who plays the game will want this upgrade.

#4 Faster Dasher (Fundamentals)

*Dash refills more quickly. Costs 4 Praetor Suit Points to unlock*

Not only does this make the cooldown time for your Dash quicker, but it also lets you Dash at a faster pace than normal. Once you get the dash, it is a very important mechanic to have because, without it, you can't finish the game. Having that upgraded Dash will help majorly if you get it as soon as you can.

#5 Faster Frag (Frag Grenade)

*Takes less time to cool down after firing. Costs 3 Praetor Suit Points to unlock*

There is the Ice Bomb section and it does the same exact thing as this upgrade so it is up to the person to choose which Grenade they like better. It reduces the cooldown time of the Grenade so you can shoot it more often. It is actually pretty helpful if you use it a lot.

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