Top 10 best scary horror games on steam

Top 10 Scariest Free Horror Games on Steam (2023)

The Halloween season is one of our favorite times of the year. Not only do all three of the Cubold Crew get together and play scary games for our podcast’s October series, but it’s also just a good time for gaming.

Scary games are just fun to play in general. Although, many times the good ones are unfortunately behind a paywall. Luckily, there are a lot of decent free scary games on Steam that are worth paying. So we did the research and compiled the top 10 of the scariest free games that you can play right now on Steam.

10. The Obscura Experiment

Starting off our list, we have The Obscura Experiment. The game centers around being on a spaceship from a mysterious company and things go wrong. I feel like I’ve heard of that plot before but I can’t remember where.

Anyway, it’s a first-person horror game that’s definitely on the shorter side of things, probably around an hour or so but it’s got a lot of good features and value to it.

The graphics look really good, the gameplay is solid, and it has some unique gameplay mechanics that kinda up the horror elements.

It’s very unique and there’s something about the whole stuck on a spaceship in outer space with no idea of what’s happening or what is after you, that really gets the scare factor up there.

It’s a really good and short scary game to play and we highly recommend checking it out.

Download The Obscura Experiment

9. The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier

The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier may have an odd title, but it offers a slow-paced horror experience that brands itself as comedy horror. However, it doesn't quite hit the mark on the comedic front, except for the amusingly awful player model of the monster. The game is characterized by easy puzzles and unfolds in the eerie confines of a spaceship or space station. Players awaken from hyper sleep to find themselves on an abandoned station, with audio logs scattered around to reveal the mystery. As players solve puzzles and locate items to restore power, the monster lurking in the halls adds to the tension.


  • The game boasts decent graphics, creating a haunting atmosphere.
  • Navigating the hallways may remind players of the tense corridors found in games like SCP Secret Laboratory.
  • The music gradually intensifies as you get closer to encountering the monster.


  • It's evident that the game is a free product from a small studio, leading to lackluster voice acting.
  • The monster's design leaves much to be desired.
  • Some players may find it easy to miss important clues, causing frustration in progression.

The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier is a decent horror game with a touch of tension. If you can overlook the somewhat comical monster design, you might find some enjoyment in this title.

Download The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier


TIMORE REMAKE is a remake of a small indie horror game that was released back in 2014. It is relatively short, but what is included in this free horror title is a very cool experience. It is a dark and creepy game that takes you through abandoned locations that you need to escape.

As you progress through the levels, the enemies become more aggressive with their scares. Some of the jump scares can feel a bit cheap at times, but it is ultimately a very cool experience.

It is full of puzzles that you need to figure out and has a resident evil style item menu, if you enjoy that type of thing.

There are also more TIMORE games by the developer Vidas Games, and they are all worth checking out if you enjoy horror games.


7. Wayward Harbor

WayWard Harbor has one of the most unique horror gameplay mechanics I’ve seen in a while.

The game is a first-person escape slash puzzle-ish game that puts you in an abandoned fishing harbor and you have to escape the monster that it hunting you down. It’s not a long game by any means and it’s also not a story-packed game, but it’s really unique and pretty scary.

The main component of this game that makes it so unique and good is the mirror mechanic. You can’t see the monster with just your eyes, so you need to utilize your mirror or mirrors around to see it. It adds this layer of terror that I haven’t experienced before and it just heightens the experience.

It’s completely free and if you want a game to get a quick scare out of we highly recommend checking out this one.

Download Wayward Harbor

6. Liquidators

Liquidators takes inspiration from the real-life Chernobyl nuclear disaster and crafts a horror game around it. Players assume the role of a team tasked with repairing parts of the reactor before it triggers catastrophic consequences. The characters in the game don't anticipate survival, and when radiation exposure becomes critical, tough choices must be made—abandoning a team member or risking everything to save them.


  • The game masterfully establishes a bleak and desolate atmosphere.
  • Each character has a unique story, showcasing the thought and emotion put into character development.
  • Moments like a character's final phone call with their spouse add depth to the narrative.


  • The game lacks clear instructions on interacting with objects, leaving players to figure it out on their own.
  • Some areas may be challenging to navigate due to the chosen graphical style.

Liquidators is not your typical horror game; instead, it offers an immersive narrative with elements of alternate history. If you enjoy being engrossed in a story-driven horror experience, this game comes highly recommended.

Download Liquidators

5. Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together

Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together is a coop puzzle horror game that has you and another person exploring your mind and trying to escape. One person gets a flashlight and the other gets a camera, and you need to work together to defeat the creatures around you.

The person with the flashlight shines it at the enemies and the person with the camera snaps a picture of the creature, destroying it. If one person dies, then you both will die, so make sure to always keep an eye out.

It is actually a really cool game that you can play with another person and is pretty creepy at times. There are also puzzles you need to figure out while watching out for enemies, so if you want a cool horror coop game, then go check this one out for yourself.

Download Eronoctoris: Put Yourself Together

4. Poppy Playtime

Of course, we had to put Poppy Playtime on the list. Both Poppy Playtime Part 1 and the online multiplayer Poppy Playtime game are free on Steam right now. This game terrified me when I played it. I actually played it on stream and it got me more than a few times with those jump scares.

The whole atmosphere of this game is just so terrifying and creepy and the story is actually interesting, there is a ton of hidden lore and theories floating around so you’ll find yourself watching YouTube videos about it once you beat Part 1.

I’ve also played Part 2 and that was great too but unfortunately, that one is paid as of the time of this article coming out.

I guess I should explain a bit about the game, it’s a first-person exploration platformer game with some heavy heavy horror elements. You find yourself in an abandoned toy factory and you have to escape? I think you have to escape, I can’t remember the exact plot but basically, you navigate your way through and try not to die.

I know some of the community can be a bit cringe but honestly, the game is a lot of fun and if you’re looking for a good scare, this game will definitely give it to you. I assume most of you probably have played part one but if you haven’t you really should, it’s completely free.

Download Poppy Playtime

3. The Suits Have Gone Mad!

The Suits Have Gone Mad! offers a unique horror experience that satirizes modern corporate culture while delivering an unsettling gameplay experience. Players step into the shoes of a regular employee within a company where everyone wears black suits, and the executives don white attire. The game is entirely presented in black and white, with all characters sharing the same player model. Players engage in mundane tasks like setting up PowerPoint presentations, all while being surveilled by omnipresent cameras. Eventually, players stumble upon something they shouldn't, leading the corporate machine to label them as rogue employees.


  • The game combines a retro ambiance with hints of modern technology, creating an intriguing setting.
  • It provides thought-provoking commentary on corporate culture and the vilification of dissenting opinions.
  • Gameplay reminiscent of "We Happy Few" blended with the style of "The Stanley Parable" makes for a compelling combination.
  • The black and white aesthetic enhances the overall experience.


  • There are few complaints to be made about this game, as it consistently delivers an engaging experience.

The Suits Have Gone Mad! is a standout free horror game due to its exceptional setup and tension-building. It comes highly recommended for those looking for a unique and thought-provoking horror experience.

Download The Suits Have Gone Mad!

2. The Stoevi Curse

The Stoevi Curse is a unique horror game if you like the old pixel graphic style of older games. The game is about a farmer in Bulgaria who is tasked with planting and harvesting plants.

You start with a few tomato seeds, fertilizer, and water, and it is up to you to plant them and watch them grow. It isn’t as tedious as it sounds since the plants take a minute or two to fully grow.

Once grown, you can sell the crop at the end of the day for some profit.

There is a full day and night cycle, and you need to be careful because the longer you spend at night, the creepier the game gets. The first couple of days of in-game time are pretty tame, but the farther you get, the crazier the game gets.

We are not going to spoil exactly what happens, but there is something that is after you and you will need to find ways to get away from it. If you enjoy games that are unique, then this is definitely one you should check out.

Download The Stoevi Curse

1. Sparky Marky

Sparky Marky reminds me a lot of Poppy Playime and that’s a good thing. For some reason, these types of games are terrifying to me. Maybe it’s the uneasy setting and off-putting vibes but I know I’m gonna get a good scare when I play a game like this.

Sparky Marky does not disappoint. The game places you in an abandoned children’s recreational camp and your goal is to uncover the mystery of what happened there. It’s a first-person horror game and the graphics and overall polish of the game is amazing.

The story is super basic and almost not even there so I wouldn’t go in expecting a lot from that but the gameplay is great and the game is pretty scary and creepy. Oh, also, part 2 is free on Steam as well and as of writing this article, part 3 is coming out soon, as well as an online multiplayer version.

So, if you play this game then you luckily have more to look forward to. It’s honestly super similar to Poppy Playtime so if you like that genre then you are going to like this. I personally really enjoyed it so I recommend checking it out.

Download Sparky Marky

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