Top 10 FREE Adventure Games on Steam

Top 10 FREE Adventure Games on Steam

The definition of an adventure game is kinda broad in my mind. It really seems to be dependent on much how fun you’ve had or have in any given title, and whether or not the experience is what you’d define as, well, an adventure.

What I will say is that all of the titles that I have listed in this video do kinda follow what most would see as an adventure game. You know, these games are different from an fps type, like call of duty, but genuine games where I’d say, you’ll have a pretty good experience.

Anyway, if you’re new to the channel, I’m Caleb from Cubold Gaming, and here are my top 10 picks for the best free adventure games that you can download right now, on steam!

10. La Rana

Starting out the list, I wanted to start with something that maybe won’t give you hours and hours of gameplay but has a cute little story and some pretty fun gameplay.

La Rana sets you as a little frog in a cursed and abandoned temple. Your goal is to explore the temple and solve the various puzzles too, in the end, restore life to the temple.

Like I mentioned before, it’s got a really cute little story and has a lot of charm to it.

The movement can get a little old and sluggish but honestly, the game is filled with enough puzzles and things to do, that it never really got to be too big of an issue.

Also, the developers of this game are the developers of another game I recommended in my free racing games on steam video, so I know they make pretty solid games.

So, yeah, I really think La Rana is a cute little adventure game that you should definitely check out!

9. Friendly Fire

The next game I have on the list is one that is actually pretty unique and the developers of the game put a whole lot of work into it.

Friendly Fire is a 2d, handcrafted pixelated adventure game that probably will take you, max 2 hours to beat, but definitely worth the playthrough.

It’s also cool that the game also has its own original soundtrack.

I also really appreciate the witty storytelling in the game and you can tell the devs were really trying to just make a fun little game with some funny jokes throughout.

I love the feel and the small puzzles throughout and honestly, if you need something to play for about an hour, this game is a really great short adventure game.

8. Lapso: Nimbo

Some people might say that Lapso: Nimbo is somewhat of a walking simulator, but I think the game has some pretty intriguing story elements and puzzles to say it’s much more than that.

So, the story is a little ambiguous, but essentially your main protagonist is exploring this natural trail, slash cavern area called Rockrose. She’s in search of someone and you slowly pick up story trials and little secrets along the way.

The graphics in the game are pretty incredible actually, and like I said before, the story is definitely intriguing.

The game is very immersive and the puzzles were great too.

Oh and even though you can probably get through it in around two hours, I wanna mention that the game is essentially a compressed version of the full-to-be-released game.

That shouldn’t turn you away from it though because the atmosphere, graphics, and story elements that you do get from this, are well worth your time, and you really have nothing to lose considering it’s entirely free.

7. Tukoni

Now, a little bit of a different type of game, I have on the list, Tukoni.

For some, this game may not be your type of game, and I get that. I do think it’s worth checking out and booting up because this is a free game list after all.

It’s a point-and-click puzzle adventure game, setting you as Tukoni, and your goal is to maneuver through the forest, meeting new unique characters along the way.

Not only is the game about meeting different characters, but it also has you solving all kinds of different puzzles too.

You know, as I said, not really going to be a game for everyone, but considering the unique art style and general value that the game offers, I really think it’s worth a download.

Oh and something else I thought was kinda interesting is that there isn’t any dialogue, really, in the game. Rather, it’s told through these speech bubbles that depict what the characters are expressing.

Kind of unique and different but that’s kind of what Tukoni is all about.

6. Bear Party Adventure

Okay so Bear Party Adventure is a little more like a fast-paced shooter, and less of a story-driven experience, but it has Adventure in the name so I can get away with it.

Well, there is actually a story. So, from what I can gather, you basically are, I think a bear yourself, and you are on a journey to meet a grand wizard to save your captured friends or something.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the story but the gameplay is awesome in this game. It’s super fast-paced and what actually really funny is you can do these huge bunny hops too. Like, it’s a part of the core movement gameplay of the game.

There are five maps in total and all of them are actually a decent size with little puzzles and secrets spread throughout.

I really like how you move through the different areas and in all honesty, I never got tired of the shooting and fast-paced gameplay either.

So, you’ll probably get around a couple of hours of gameplay here, but the game mechanics are so fun that I can definitely see some people playing it just for how fun the game is.

5. Isle of Ewe

The Isle of Ewe actually surprised me with how overall fun it was, and the way you use the sheep in the game is also a huge reason why it’s on this list.

The game's premise is that you are on the search for, I believe one of your sheep that’s kind of run away.

You then travel through this world that the developers created, using your sheep as throwing objects and leverage so that you can get through certain areas.

Like I said before, the use of the sheep in this game is awesome. You don’t just toss them around but the puzzles where you have to use them are actually super fun.

There is also a platforming aspect to the game which is really enjoyable, although every now and then the controls will feel a little wonky. Nothing game-breaking but worth noting.

Overall though, this game is a ton of fun and will probably get you a few hours of gameplay, and I really recommend picking this game up and adding it to your library.

4. Island Saver

You know, I’m not really sure if this one is somewhat of a children's game, but regardless it’s pretty awesome and I wanted to put it on the list because I think it deserves a place here.

Island Saver has you playing as some sort of clean-up crew guy, with the goals of helping these animals, or I think the game calls then bankimals. Basically, you are cleaning up the different islands while also searching for these bankimals that need saving.

There are a bunch of different types of islands like, icy, desert, forest, and even volcanic themed islands.

The colors and overall general look of the game are super cute and fun. It’s one of those games that kinda makes you happy with just how it looks.

Also, the cleaning mechanic is oddly satisfying and really fun considering you are basically the garbage man running around cleaning trash up.

There are things to collect and use, and you can even tame and ride some of these animals around the map and use them to help you get to blocked off areas, which I thought was really cool.

Not only that but you don’t just clean up but you also need to fight some creatures and monsters too.

This game is honestly awesome and you’ll definitely be able to get more than just a few hours in the game.

The look of the game is really fun and I love the graphical style, and really, Island Saver is something I think you should really check out.

3. Grimm’s Hollow

Grimms Hollow is a little bit of a different one from the rest on the list, and I think for a lot of people it will be one of their favorites on the list.

The game places you as Lavender, and you wake up in the afterlife, in search for your brother. You then go on a whole adventure through this afterlife place, searching haunted caves, collecting spirits with your scythe, and meeting all types of different characters.

It’s a retro type 2d RPG game, so you have a surprising amount of content.

It has a really cute art style and the music is great too. Not only does the game look and sound great but it’s actually got a great story too.

It’s got a pretty dark theme throughout but you never really feel it, because the game is kinda cute at the same time.

It’s also extremely character focused on lavender and some of the ghosts you interact with.

Honestly, this game is great and for people who have played games similar to this, you really need to try Grimm's Hollow out.

2. Gravitas

If you’re a fan of the Portal games then I think Gravitas is something that you’ll probably enjoy too.

Gravitas is a first person puzzle focused platforming game that has a big focus on gravity manipulation.

The story is centered around you and the curator. The curator guides you through the puzzles, well not really tells you exactly how to do things, but leads you through the game basically.

Obviously, the Curator is a play on Wheatley from Portal 2, and I actually think that it was a risky move to make a character so similar.

It actually ended up working out and the Curator is one of the best parts of the game. He’s funny and he’s not too similar to Wheatley to where it feels like a weird impression, but he actually has his own little thing going on.

The story and the levels are honestly really impressive and if you are a big fan of the portal series, I highly recommend downloading this game and playing through it, because it’s definitely worth your time.

1. We Were Here

We Were Here is a two-player puzzle game where you and your partner are split up and trapped in different areas of this castle in the middle of a frozen wasteland.

You need to communicate with each other over walkie talkies in order to solve the puzzle to escape the castle.

I love this game so much and it’s one of those games that makes you want to buy the additional games in the series.

It’s also got a kinda creepy thriller vibe going on too, but I wouldn’t really say it’s a horror game. It is more of an underlying eerie feel.

The puzzles were great and really entertaining, and the unique thing about this game that makes it different from other puzzle games is the teamwork aspect.

You literally can not beat this game without some form of teamwork and communication. You and your partner are both halves of the equation and it’s up to you two to figure out how to put the pieces together.

The game usually will take you 2-4 hours to beat but honestly, it really just depends on how slow or fast you and your partner take to solve the puzzles.

Now, this game is dependent on having another person to play with but not only is this one of the best free adventure games on steam but one of the best free games in general.

It’s really worth checking out and really worth downloading, considering the game is not only great and well received by the community, but also completely free.

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