Top 10 Best Steam Games Under $5

Top 10 Best Steam Games Under $5

With the constant releases of 40, 50, and 60 dollar games, it’s hard to keep up and honestly, gets really expensive. Sometimes you get more value from a 5 dollar game than one that’s ten times the price.

I really tried to stay away from the larger known triple-A games in this list, so if you see some games you never heard of, then I accomplished my goal. I also am excluding seasonal sales, so no matter when you watch this video, the games are always priced the same

10. Armored Head

Starting out this list, I have Armored Head. So Armored Head is essentially Doom with robots, and without the story.

You play as a gladiator in an area and your goal is to fight off the waves of robots in order to win the prize.

There are secrets all around the arena and the more gold coins you collect, the more features and abilities you can unlock and use.

I love how the game looks and the gunplay is extremely solid. Like I said before, it’s basically a smaller version of Doom but with robots.

The game is single-player but for just $2.99, I think the game offers some really fun gameplay to allow it a spot in your steam library.

9. Who’s Your Daddy

If you are looking for a ridiculously fun and crazy weird game to play with a friend, then Who’s Your Daddy is the game you're looking for.

Who’s Your Daddy places you as one of two characters. You can either play as the Dad or the Baby.

If you are the Dad, then your goal is to find your baby and prevent it from killing itself.

If you play as the baby, then your goal is to do everything you can to kill yourself.

The game runs for $4.99 on steam and as I said, if you can get a friend to play with, I really recommend this one.

8. Islanders

If you are really into city builders, then Islanders is a great option for you.

The game differs from other city builder games, in that you don’t need to grind for resources.

Instead, you build your cities on different islands and climates, and as you place more buildings and expand, you gain more points. With those points, you can unlock new buildings.

The game is really relaxing and very well received on steam, holding an overwhelmingly positive status.

The color is vibrant, and there’s an endless amount of possibilities. The game is $4.99 and if you’re into these types of games, I think it’s worth looking into.

7. Stick Fight

Stick Fight is a crazy 2-4 player combat game where you play as a stick figure in short matches.

The game drops items randomly during each match, like guns or swords, and as of right now, there are 100 different maps.

Not only that, but over 23,000 community made maps and a level editor.

Really, the game is just a crazy fast combat game that can be a lot of fun with friends and does have an active community so you won’t have trouble finding people to fight.

The game goes for $2.99

6. Geometry Dash

So if by chance you don’t know what Geometry Dash is, it’s what’s called a precision platformer. You essentially press one button to perfectly time your jumps or other actions to finish the level.

The game also heavily relies on music audio cues and has some of the best rhythm-based music you’ll hear.

The game is honestly extremely addicting and no matter how much you may rage, you’ll somehow always find yourself coming back to play more.

You can pick up Geometry dash for $3.99 on steam.

5. SuperFlight

If you're looking for a game that you can play casually every now and then, SuperFlight is one you should look into.

You fly across all kinds of different vibrant landscapes and the closer to the mountains you get, the more points you get.

It’s a really simple concept but you’d be surprised how many hours people have gotten from it on steam, not to mention it also holds an overwhelmingly positive status too.

The game is $2.99 on steam and if you need something casual to have in your library, I recommend this one.

4. Forge and Fight!

Forge and Fight is actually a game that was released just recently.

You play as a little warrior slash blacksmith and you create your own over the top weapons to use in online arenas.

You have a huge variety of weapons to combine together and really the possibilities are endless. The game allows you to go crazy with your designs and then just hop in against other players.

The game is new but I think for $4.99, you can get a lot of playtime out of it.

3. Boris and The Dark Survival

Having an overwhelmingly positive status on steam, Boris and The Dark Survival is an adventure strategy game, where you go through all kinds of different missions to uncover the lore of the game.

You play through the missions while trying to avoid the different kinds of enemies.

The game is a horror game but I find it to be more of an interesting mystery game. I personally love games with an underlying story and this one definitely falls under that category.

Honestly, for $2.99 the game is a really interesting single-player experience.

2. Peekaboo

If you’ve ever played prop hunt in Garry’s mod, this game is basically that mode made into a dedicated game.

So basically, there are two teams, props, and hunters.

If you are a prop, you have time before each match to transform into a prop and hide, while the hunters have to find and kill the props before the time runs out.

If you’re like me and prop hunt is one of, if not your favorite game mode in GMod, then Peekaboo is gonna be a game you’re gonna wanna pick up, and you can get it on steam for $4.99.

1. Seen

My number one pick is actually a game I finished recently, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it.

So if you’ve ever played little nightmares, inside, or similar games in that genre, Seen fits right in with the rest.

Now, it is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer like the rest but also has some timed running sequences, that at first, can seem pretty weird. Overall though, I think they actually broke up the gameplay a bit and worked out in the end.

The real reason I have this as my first pick is the story that is told. You play as a sad boy that travels around the world and basically sees nothing but hate.

I don’t want to spoil it but it’s a game where you’ll take something away from. Not only that, but the puzzles and the gameplay is something I found to be really fun.

The game is just under 2 dollars and with the story and experience you are getting, it’s a must-try.

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