Top 10 Best Free VR Games

Top 10 Best Free VR Games

VR is a relatively new way to play games, but to actually get into it yourself, you need to dump in a ton of money for a good pc, and the vr system as well.

A lot of times, people who buy VR headsets don’t have money to afford any of the amazing games that the system offers.

Not all of these can be played on certain headsets so I will explain which VR systems you are able to play them on. Also, check to see if any of the games you have now are VR compatible because you might already have a VR game for you to play in the meantime.

10. Rec Room

This is a game that VR and non-VR users both enjoy. It is better in VR personally though. It pretty much is like Roblox in a way. Players create levels and worlds for people to download and play. There are thousands of possibilities with this game because you can pretty much find new things every time you play.

One second you can play paintball, then another you can be fighting dragons in Skyrim. I would definitely say it is worth playing with friends, but if you are playing by yourself, try to talk to people because it will be a boring experience if you don’t.

You can play this game on Steam so any headset that can connect to steam will work. They also have it on Quest and PSVR if you have those too.

9. Google Earth VR

Pretty much everyone knows what google earth is. You probably go on it during school because you are so bored, and anything to take your mind off of school seems fun to you. I don’t really have to say much about this other than the fact that it is just Google Earth in VR.

You can experience everything you know and love in a first-person all-around view. It is actually pretty cool and it gives a different perspective on where things are on the planet. You can also go to the Moon and Mars as well!

8. War Thunder

This is a vehicular combat multiplayer game that lets you take control of either a Land, Air, or Sea vehicle. There are modes for individual vehicle types, and there are also modes with all three vehicle types within them. It actually came out in 2012, in a beta phase, and then eventually made its way out of early access.

When VRs started to get famous, then they decided to add VR support to the game. You can now get a first-person view of whichever vehicle you choose to use, and its actually pretty cool. War Thunder is on pretty much every platform, and has easy VR support for most headsets. It is also not hard to run at all.

7. DCS World Steam Edition

This game is a little bit like War Thunder, but it is much more realistic and only planes. If you have ever played Microsoft Flight SImulator, DCS, or digital combat simulator, is like Flight Simulator but you can do stuff that you wish other games had. It is a combat simulator and you need to fly your jet and complete every mission the game throws at you.

There are a ton of jets and planes to unlock, and if you like the game, there is a ton of DLCs for you to get that includes new areas, missions, and jets. We never knew about this game when we had a VR headset, but if we did, we would have played it for sure. It is primarily on STeam so any headset that connects to steam can play it.

6. Accounting

If you like dark humor and comedy, this is an amazing game that is full of all sorts of missions to complete. Keep in mind that there is a lot of explicit content in this game so if you don’t like that kind of stuff, then don’t play this game. It is about a character who is used in an experiment to make accounting easier and faster.

In this experiment, you are put into Virtual Reality to find out how to make accounting easier. Sounds boring, but once you get into VR, the game just goes crazy and it is a long adventure of weird events that happen. You have to play the game to find out more of the game so this is on Steam so same thing as previous games, if it can connect to Steam, you can play it.

5. The Lab

Number 5, The Lab. This is a game published by Valve themselves. It is a VR experience that is set in the Portal universe. It is a way by Valve to showcase the mechanics they can put into their VR games, but at the same time, it is actually a fun game to play.

Within the lab, there are eight total minigames to play: Slingshot, Longbow, Xortex, Postcards, Human Medical Scan, Solar System, Robot Repair, and Secret Shop. Each of them have unique mechanics that you need to learn to succeed in them, and it makes for a great VR experience. This game is only on Steam so all headsets on Steam can play this game.

4. Portal Stories VR

This is one of the most interesting on this list, because people who loved Portal 2, were working on a mod called Portal Stories: Mel. This mod follows a lady named Mel, in an attempt to stop an AI by the name of AEGIS.

Not only was she trying to shut AEGIS down, so was Glados, the main villain from the Portal series. Now this VR mod is a mod of the Portal Stories: Mel mod. I know it is confusing, but they took the original mod, and turned it into a VR version for anyone to play entirely for free.

The best part is, Valve actually liked the mods so much, they put it up on Steam for the people who made them. If I knew there was a VR portal, then I wish we still had our VR headset so we can play all these games again.

3. Propagation VR

If you like Zombie wave-based shooters, then you might want to check this one out. It is single-player, and a co-op mode where you can play with your friends, but you have to use your wits and skill with all the weapons the game gives you to survive the onslaught of enemy zombies.

It has Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews on Steam and that alone is a reason to try this game. Grab your weapons and go mow down all the hordes of enemy creatures trying to take you down. Obviously, it is on Steam, so make sure to connect your headset as necessary.

2. VRChat

Ok, almost anyone who has or has heard of VR knows of this game. You can play this game without VR also if a friend has a headset and you still want to play with them. Pretty much, the game is a giant hangout club for anyone who wants to play.

It is full of traps and toxic people, but that is what gives it its spark. I feel like whenever I join a room in the game, the chaos just keeps increasing with the number of people who join. You also can talk to and become friends with new people. It is a good way to socialize while playing video games at the same time. It is on most VR headsets so all headsets can play this game.

1. Robo Recall

I am going to say this first, this is in my top favorite VR games of all time. The only downside to it is that it is an Oculus Rift exclusive. If you have an Oculus, then you can play it, but everything else does not have this game, so I am sorry to other headset users.

In this game, you are tasked with destroying the robot hordes in this city because they started to take over. Your goal is to find out how to stop these robots by finding the source of it all. You can use all sorts of weapons and you can even grab bullets like Superhot and throw them back at the enemies. It definitely is the best VR game you can get for free.

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