Top 10 Best Free Overwhelmingly Positive Rated Games on Steam

Top 10 Best Free Overwhelmingly Positive Rated Games on Steam

When browsing games on Steam, checking reviews is often the first step before making a decision. Among the various ratings, "overwhelmingly positive" stands out as the highest rating.

Today, I will be going over the top 10 free games on Steam that have earned overwhelmingly positive ratings. These games are not only free but offer good entertainment.

From thrilling action adventures to mind-bending puzzles, these games have captivated players worldwide and are definitely worth your time.

10. 20 Small Mazes

Coming in at number 10 is "20 Small Mazes". This brilliant little game offers exactly what its name suggests: 20 small mazes. Each maze brings its own unique set of challenges, which keep you engaged and eager to solve the next one.

The minimalist design, combined with a soothing soundtrack, creates a relaxing experience that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. It’s easy to get hooked as you navigate through the intricate pathways, making it a delightful escape from daily stress.

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9. Juice Galaxy

Coming in at number 9, we have "Juice Galaxy", an incredibly fun sandbox adventure set in a surreal world filled with quirky characters and unexpected events. Formerly known as Juice World, this game is (what people might call) psychedelic, physics-based, sandbox RPG hack-and-slash that offers immense freedom and delightful randomness, making every exploration in Juice Galaxy a unique and unforgettable experience.

You can fly, jump, destroy enemies, and use the juice you collect to level up various aspects of your character. Don't worry about making the perfect build right away, as you can freely refund juice used for stat increases.

The game's bizarre humor and unpredictable nature ensure that no two playthroughs are ever the same, keeping you constantly surprised and entertained. The trailer showcases the game's open exploration, where you can fight enemies and bosses, hunt for secrets, or test how far you can travel. Weapons have their own stats that can be modified with items found throughout the game, and boss fights can be replayed endlessly.

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8. The Supper

Coming in at number 8 is "The Supper", a short but deeply impactful point-and-click adventure game set in a dark and eerie world. You play as Ms. Appleton, a sinister cook preparing a special meal for three very unusual guests, guided by a strange, unsettling voice. From the beginning, the game's haunting atmosphere and gripping story draw you in, leaving a lasting impression long after you finish playing.

As you fulfill the orders of your peculiar customers, the true story slowly reveals itself. The puzzles are straightforward, and solved step-by-step, leading you to the game's bittersweet conclusion. The ending, both sad and revealing, clearly explains the motives and backstory that drive the narrative. The Supper’s haunting visuals and eerie storyline ensure an unforgettable experience. This short yet impactful game is a must-play for fans of pixel horror and point-and-click adventures, staying with you long after the final scene. 

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7. Perspective

Coming in at number 7 on our list is "Perspective," a truly captivating puzzle game that pushes you to think creatively. In this game, you switch between 2D and 3D views to solve intricate puzzles, offering a unique and refreshing experience. The clever design and innovative mechanics make "Perspective" a must-try for any puzzle game lover.

This charming game lives up to its name, providing a series of puzzles that rely on changing your viewpoint. It's a delightful journey that appeals to all ages and mindsets. If you're a fan of puzzle games, this one should be on your list. It's about an hour long, and the ending is as satisfying as the journey itself.

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Coming in at number 6, we have "BABBDI," an exploration game set in a haunting, dystopian city. The game immerses you in a decaying world where every corner holds secrets. The atmospheric environment and minimalist narrative draw you in, making BABBDI a compelling experience.

The game's first-person perspective invites you to explore this eerie environment, meeting characters like Griselda and Asker, who hold the key to your escape with a subway ticket.

The minimalist plot leaves much to the player's imagination, emphasizing the experience of wandering through the shattered city. BABBDI's unnerving world is worth venturing into.

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5. The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog

Coming in at number 5 on our list is "The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog." This visual novel takes you on a thrilling investigation to solve the mystery behind Sonic's apparent demise. With its engaging story, well-written characters, and unexpected twists, it's a standout title for Sonic fans and mystery lovers alike.

This game offers an immersive experience, making you feel like you're truly in Sonic's world. The fact that it's free makes it a must-install for everyone. The image quality is excellent, and the compelling story keeps you hooked. The characters' personalities shine, both in their usual roles and within the murder mystery. The dialogue is fantastic, adding to the overall coolness of the game.

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4. Unsorted Horror

Coming in at number 4, we have "Unsorted Horror," a game that delivers a spine-chilling experience with its atmospheric environments and jump scares. As you navigate through eerie locations, you'll encounter various horror elements that keep you on edge. This game is a gritty collection of horror shorts, unified by an oppressive industrial atmosphere filled with rusty technology. The dystopian setting enhances the eerie feeling throughout the five roughly 30-minute games.

The positives include the creeping dread atmosphere, unique gameplay elements, and the sanity-bending drones and tones of the soundtrack, which complement the grim-dark story. However, the game has some downsides. Objectives and controls can be unclear, leading to minor frustration and trial-and-error gameplay, which is especially challenging in levels with time constraints. Despite these issues, it's a perfect free scare for horror genre enthusiasts, offering a unique and terrifying experience.

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3. Disfigure

Coming in at number 3 is "Disfigure," a top-down shooter that puts you into a dark and foreboding world where you must survive waves of ugly "disfigured" enemies. The fast-paced action, combined with the game's haunting aesthetic, provides an adrenaline-pumping experience that keeps you hooked.

Set in an arena shrouded in darkness, you must stay alert as monsters lurk in the shadows. The game offers a unique vision mechanic: choose between a circular view that lets you see all around you but not far, or a cone view that allows you to see further in one direction. This strategic element adds to the intensity as you navigate the eerie environment, trying to survive as long as possible. 

The combination of relentless action, strategic vision choices, and a chilling atmosphere makes this game an unforgettable experience for fans of horror and shooter games alike. It's a thrilling challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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2. Grimhook

Coming in at number 2, we have "Grimhook," a fast-paced, first-person action-adventure game that puts you into the heart of a flooded wasteland where robotic minions reign supreme and an ancient deity lies dormant beneath the city's surface. As Dart, you'll harness powerful abilities to navigate through depths; grapple, bounce, dash, and slash your way through relentless robots in intense combat arenas. 

The game's unique grappling mechanics allow you to swing and fight your way through challenging levels with fluid controls and satisfying combat. The combination of thrilling gameplay and a grim, immersive world makes this game an exhilarating experience that's hard to put down. The somber narrative and dark atmosphere add depth to the action, keeping you engaged as you explore and battle your way through this dystopian landscape. Whether you're a fan of action-adventure games or looking for something new and exciting, Grimhook delivers an unforgettable experience.

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1. Bloody Hell

Coming in at number 1, we have "Bloody Hell." This game masterfully blends fast-paced action with stunning visuals. Playing as an angel battling through the depths of hell, you'll encounter relentless enemies and face epic boss battles. The game's tight controls and exhilarating gameplay make every encounter feel intense and satisfying. Each level is designed to challenge your skills, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you fight your way through hordes of demonic foes. The striking art style, with its vibrant colors and detailed animations, creates a visually captivating experience that draws you into the game's dark and fiery world. 

As you progress, you'll uncover the story behind your angelic warrior's descent into hell, adding depth to the relentless action. The overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam are a testament to the game's quality and the enjoyment it brings to players. Whether you're a fan of action-packed gameplay or simply appreciate well-crafted visual design, this game is a must-play. It's not just the best free game on Steam; it's an amazing journey through a beautifully nightmarish landscape that you won't want to miss.

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