The Twins Master Mode Guide

The Twins Master Mode Guide

I’ve done Master Mode guides for almost every boss up to this point, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is literally the easiest boss fight I’ve done so far.

Using this one quick strategy, you can farm the Twins multiple times per night and barely even get hit.

Necessary Items

For items, the only one you really need is the Black Spot pirate ship mount. I used this mount in my Destroyer video, but fighting the Twins with it actually feels too easy.

I highly recommend farming Flying Dutchman’s for the Black Spot, because it will make your Master Mode playthrough much easier. I’m also going to use this mount for my Skeletron Prime guide which is coming soon.

So once you have the mount, you can pretty much use whatever you want for a weapon. I used the Daedalus Stormbow again but you could use an UZI or a repeater and have the same results.

For armor, just used Adamantite or Titanium along with the correct helmet for your fighting class. The only thing I don’t recommend using is melee, but ranged and magic are both great to use.

The Twins Strategy

Normally in these guides I give a good layout for a boss arena, but no arena is necessary for beating The Twins with this method.

Before I spawned the Twins, I consumed an overkill amount of potions. They definitely do make it easier, but you could probably skip the potions and not have any issues.

I used the Mechanical Eye to spawn them, and then started flying in one direction. This mount is so fast that they can barely keep up. You actually need to be careful not to fly too far away, or else than can despawn.

Focus on taking out one at a time, and then attack the other one when the first one dies. You’ll be so fast with this mount that most projectiles won’t even hit you.

All you need to do is stay out of their range and you’ll stay safe. Sometimes you’ll need to dodge lasers, but they aren’t too hard to avoid.

In a couple of minutes, you’ll destroy the Twins and get your Master Mode relic. It's insanely easy and can be done 2 to 3 times per night depending on your gear.

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