The Fastest Way to Get Bytes Astroneer

The Fastest Way to Get Bytes Astroneer

Starting out in Astroneer takes a lot of patience. The one thing you are held back by are bytes. These byte points are used to unlock all the things you need to craft in order to survive and excel. Starting out it is a grind to unlock all the things you want. In this article I will show you a fast way to get more bytes.

Bytes on the starting planet are hard to come by. You will want to travel to Glacio (or Atrox) and explore the surface of the planet. You want to research the sample objects which give around 130 bytes per sample.

Another thing to look out for are the triangle containers, once opened, you can research the object inside. This object usually gives you 12,000 bytes in under an hour.

Head to Glacio

What to bring

  • Tethers
  • Extra fuel or thrusters
  • oxygen tanks

Your best option is to travel to Glacio; however, you could also go to Atrox.

Collect Bytes and Research Objects

Find this research samples all around the planet in order to get bytes. These often give you 130-150 bytes per sample. These alone can make it worth the trip due to how many there are.

You will also want to keep an eye out for these. These research items will give you upwards of 7,000 bytes per object.

These are by far the most valuable object to take back with you. You will need to route power to the container in order to open it. This will give you upwards of 15,000 bytes and as low as 30 minutes to research.

Research Your Items

Get back to your base and research the items you brought back with you.

Rack Up The Bytes

Along with the research sample, the trip will be more than worth it. I managed to come back with over 15,000 bytes and I could have stayed longer.

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