Terrifying New Co-op Horror Game - Phasmophobia (2020)

Terrifying New Co-op Horror Game - Phasmophobia (2020)


In the mass number of horror games out there, it is hard to find that is actually "scary", let alone being scary while with friends. Balancing atmospheric terror and jump scares is a hard line to walk. Most games go for cheap jump scares. Luckily for us horror fans, there is a new game out that focuses on creating paranoia and terror more than cheap gore or jump scares.

Phasmophobia is a new early access co-op horror game that has caught a lot of horror fan's attention.

What Is Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is an up to 4 player co-op horror game revolved around finding evidence. You start as a ghost investigation crew, and go to various locations to gather evidence which you ultimately sell. The more evidence you gather, the more money you make.


The game makes you feel completely isolated and there are times where I am walking in a house and I hear the floor creek under me and I'll flip out and look around to make sure I'm not about to get slaughtered by the ghost.

There is a really cool feature where the game will use your mic audio so you can communicate with the ghosts. If you say their name you could get higher EMF levels.

Not only that but there is a spirit box where you can ask the ghosts questions and when or if they respond than get ready to be creeped out because it’s really eerie.

There are a crazy amount of questions to ask like who are you, do you want us here, how old are you, or you can even ask it to scream. Depending on the ghost you have it may or may not respond.

Even the lighting is Erie and not in a non realistic way, the problem is that it is realistic. I’m playing a game and I want it to look and feel real but this game just makes you feel uneasy. At the same time I love it because that just adds to the feel of the game.

When you first walk into the house or building you automatically just feel the pressure in your ears. It’s like you walked into a vacuum and there is no sound at all. It’s weird but the first time I walked into the house I was investigating I walked right back out because I was not expecting that.

Play with Friends

Another thing is I highly recommend playing this with friends. It doesn’t make it less scary but it makes the experience even better.

And if you play with local voice proximal chat, it forces you to either stick with your team or if you have to split up than you use your radio. There were so many times where I’d be talking to someone over the radios and out of nowhere I get radio silence, and later to find their body dead on the floor.

This game balances horror so well and it is one of the few I can think of that actually doesn’t get less scary with friends.


You start out in your Headquarters type area where you select your contract and location, but you also buy your equipment and equip it for the jobs you do.

There are a ton of equipment options, like UV lights, cameras, crucifixes, EMF readers, and a ton more. All of these tools help you gather information.

Like I mentioned before, you select your contract here and there are 22 maps at the moment but they are planning on adding more.

Oh you can also play basketball in this starting lobby.


When you start out you'll be in a surveillance truck and you’ll see a list of objectives and some information on the ghost you are investigating.

The optional objectives give you more money for each one you complete but your main goal is to find out which ghost it is.

It’s really cool how you find out which ghost it is, you use your journal which has a bunch of information on the different types of ghosts and what tools do what. You use your journal to record the 3 types of evidence that you are getting to finally help you find which ghost it is.

I really like how this whole process is set up and it encourages constant communication and working together with your teammates to find out which ghost you are dealing with.

The Hunt

I have to mention the hunt. The hunt is basically a period of time where the ghost gets angry enough to shut and lock your way out of the building and go on a killing spree.

You’ll know when this happens because the lights will shut off and you hear these heavy footprints. Its' terrifying but this just makes you more paranoid to find the evidence fast and get out of there.

The Ghosts

There are tons of different types of ghosts and some are shy and get angry when you call out there name. Some only attack when people are alone or will only talk to you if you are alone.

Each of the ghost feels different and some are more terrifying and dangerous than others, it's always a new experience.

More to Come

There are all types of different ghosts and locations. There are 7 locations right now but the developers plan to add more in the future.

Yes this game is in early access but for some reason it makes me even more excited because I know that they're going to come out with more content for the game.

The game is mainly made for VR but don’t let that stop you from playing it. The controls may be a little odd but the game is way too fun to write it off for that.

It's also cross compatible with VR. If one of your friends is using VR and you aren’t, you guys can still play with each other.


This game is both terrifying and incredibly fun at the same time, and if you don’t believe me than check out the steam page.

Right now it has thousands of reviews and holding an overwhelming positive status. For a new early access game that has only been out for a couple weeks, hat is really good. Especially for a horror game.

I’ve only just started playing the game but there are some people who have 60-90 hours in the game already. This game accomplishes so much and I feel this is exactly what the horror genre needed.

A game that doesn’t just opt out for jump scares or gory effects, but a game that takes its time and causes paranoia and built up fear. While at the same time being both fun and scary with friends. If you have the money, the game is 13$ on steam right now and I highly recommend this to you and if you can get some friends to play it makes the experience even better.

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