Satisfactory Best Beginner’s Tips

Satisfactory Best Beginner’s Tips

If you have ever played Satisfactory, you will know that it is not easy to start out. One major issue that I see starters have is the fact that they don’t know where to start their factory. Base location is very important in this game because if you have a bad area, it will be very hard to future proof your factories.

Tip #1 - Find a large, flat area with an iron and copper deposit nearby

So the first tip that I have for you is to find a large, flat area with an iron and copper deposit nearby. Having a large area to make multiple factories is key, but if you need to run a thousand Meters to get to the nearest ore deposit, then what is the point of staying there.

If you are first starting out, try making your factory in the Grass Fields because the stats of the area are all very well-rounded. Just make sure you have enough ore deposits around or else you will be having a ton of trouble if you don’t know what to do.

Tip #2 - Focus on the Milestones and automating materials

The second tip that I have for you is to focus on the Milestones and automating materials. The Milestone system is super important because that is how you get upgrades and progress through the game. Make sure you get the Milestones done as soon as you can, but also focus on automating everything you can so you can easily progress later on.

You will be building a lot of factories, but if you have the Milestones completed, and no automation, then what is the point of doing the Milestones at all. You need both things to progress through the game easily, so be smart about what you build.

Tip #3 - Take a lot of time to just perfect your automation

The third tip that I have for you is to take a lot of time to just perfect your automation. My first world in this game was a terrible mess. I didn’t have enough space for any new factories and I just felt very claustrophobic with everything being so close together.

Take a ton of time before you start doing everything to just make everything even and give some space to everything so you have room to grow later on.

Tip #4 - Use the MAM as much as possible

The fourth tip that I have for you is to use the MAM as much as possible. With the MAM, you are able to research all sorts of objects and unlock new items and upgrades for your character.

You can get more inventory slots, new weapons, and even new materials to craft. Everything you can do in the MAM is super useful and is one thing you should get as soon as you possibly can.

Tip #5 - Not throw anything away

The fifth and final tip that I have for you is to not throw anything away. Storages are very easy to craft and how hard is it to make one and throw everything in your inventory into it so you can carry more items.

At first, you feel like constantly throwing stuff away because you don’t have any space for more items, but just make a bunch of chests to place all your items in until you can upgrade your inventory slots. I always kept my inventory very low, but I never threw anything out until like 20 hours or so into my world.

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