Rust Guide to Explosives

Rust Guide to Explosives


Beancan Grenade

The first explosive you want to get is the Beancan Grenade. These are the easiest explosives to get right away because you can actually find these in crates, but very rarely. It takes 60x Gunpowder and 20x Metal Fragments to make and you will need at least a level 1 Workbench. These are a great tool for very early raiding because it takes 6 of these to destroy a wooden door. They also do decent damage against players if they are in the explosion radius.

Satchel Charges

The second explosive you want to get is the Satchel Charge. These will be used mid-game because they are not easy to get your hands on. Once you finally get the Blueprint, you can make these with 1x Rope, 1x Small Stash, and 4x Beancan Grenades. These are pretty decent for moderate raiders because it takes about 4 of these to destroy a Sheet Metal Door. Watch out because some of them are duds.

Timed Explosive Charge (C4)

The third explosive you want to get is the Timed Explosive Charge, pretty much just C4. This is probably the most useful raiding tool in the game, but it is by far one of the hardest to make. To craft one single C4, you need to get 20x Explosives, 5x Cloth, and 2x Tech Trash. All of the material is very expensive and you probably will make a lot of them since you need to get into larger bases. These are great explosives because with 2 of them, you can destroy an Armored Door.


The fourth explosive you want to get is the Rocket. Before you can fire this, you will need to get a Rocket Launcher, which is no easy task. To craft one Rocket, you will need 2x Metal Pipes, 150x Gunpowder, and 10x Explosives. The C4 and Rockets need a Level 3 Workbench to craft so you won’t get there for a while if you are just starting out. It takes 4 Rockets to destroy an Armored Door so fill up your arsenal if you are using them.

High-Velocity Rocket

The fifth explosive you want to get is the High-Velocity Rocket. These are very similar to the regular Rockets, but they take less material and do less damage. It takes 1x Metal Pipe and 100x Gunpowder to make so they are very easy compared to the other explosives in the Rust arsenal. It takes 5 High-Velocity Rockets to destroy a Sheet Metal Door so they are not really good for raiding.

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