Revisiting Battlefield 1 in 2021

Revisiting Battlefield 1 in 2021

There are so many games that have come out in the past 5 years and a lot of them have been forgotten. Many of them either died in player count, or it just wasn’t that good of a game. As you saw in the title of this video, Battlefield 1 is one of those games for us that we go back and play every once and awhile.

If you are a fan of the Battlefield series, you probably have played Battlefield 1 before, and you either enjoyed it or disliked it. I know some people enjoyed the more Modern Battlefields more, but with Battlefield 1, there is something different about it, at least for us. 

The first time we saw this game back in 2016, we were excited, but we weren’t interested in it as much as we were in Battlefield 4. We had all played 4 up to that point and we weren’t sure if going back to the World War era was going to be that good. When the game finally came out, we didn’t buy the game or gave it much thought. A year later, a sale happened and we bought it. It was incredible.

What Made It So Special?

From all the different guns and classes to the massive maps and full-scale battles, this game was better than we expected. After many hours of play, there are so many things that the game does right that even Battlefield V didn’t have.

Obviously, there are the 64 player battles that the series is known for, but it felt much different this time because there was a ton of variety in everything. There were a lot of vehicles to choose from and objectives to take depending on the game mode you were playing. There was also a massive level system for your account and also for individual classes. It was a very unique experience when it came to gameplay.

How Much Does this Game Give You?

The four classes in the game are the Assault, Support, Medic, and Scout Classes, and there even was a Pilot and Tanker Class that you can choose as well. For me, I enjoyed playing the Medic Class the best because giving teammates health and reviving them when they down helped your team out a lot.

The Scout Class was also fun because you get all the snipers to choose from. Sniping in this game is probably some of the most satisfying snipings you can find in any game and I think this is the first Battlefield that implemented sounds when you finally eliminate someone.

The maps were extremely thought out, well, there were a few that we absolutely despised, but there are a total of 26 maps currently ingame and it is obvious that at least 1 wouldn’t be that good. Even though there were some bad ones, a large majority of them are extremely good. We

Can’t say if we have a favorite map because most of them are fun to play. In Battlefield V, a lot of the maps aren’t that fun to play because they feel like duplicates of other maps. Battlefield 1 does not suffer from anything like that. There are also remasters of older maps put into the game so if you have played previous older Battlefields, you might recognize some of the maps in this one.

How Are the Weapons?

I did mention this before a little bit, but the guns, not just the snipers, are very satisfying to use. We do think the way the weapons work is a little odd versus other games that are like it, but honestly, that is what distinguishes this game from the other ones.

The way the guns work for those who don’t know is split up by variants. Every weapon has 3 different variants depending on the class, and each variant has something special for each one. One weapon might have no scope and very low recoil, while another does have a scope and very high recoil. Pretty much, you get to choose which variant you want to use, or you can learn how to use multiple if you really want to. The weapons are what set this game apart from the other similar games.

What Can You Do in Battlefield 1?

For game modes, I usually stuck with Conquest and Conquest only. We weren’t a massive fan of all the other modes because Battlefield is about those large-scale battles. If you want to play Team Deathmatch, then go play Call of Duty. It also highly encourages team play as well. If you can get a squad with varied classes, and stick together, it could mean winning or losing the game.

You can go off on your own if you are playing without friends, but it is the most fun if you have friends to play with you. Oh, the mission stories are extremely good in this game as well. Our favorite one is the Saudi Arabian one where it is free to roam and you need to take out the camps at night. If you haven’t played the mission stories, then play them because they are worth playing through.

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