Top 5 favorite Bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Top 5 favorite Bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

#5 Gyoubu Oniwa

My fifth favorite boss in Sekiro is Gyoubu Oniwa. This is the very first main boss in the game and it is actually a very easy fight. It seems hard because he has a giant pike and he is trying to hit you while on horseback. I think it is one of the best bosses just because he is the first big boss in the game.

The easy way to beat him is to just hold block until he stops attacking and then get a couple of hits in. You can parry a few attacks, but if you are not comfortable parrying, then just try blocking.

#4 Headless Ape

My fourth favorite boss in Sekiro is the Headless Ape. I mean, when the boss fight starts it's the Guardian Ape, but when you cut the Ape’s head off, it just gets up again and fights with a sword. This second phase is my favorite because it takes a certain way of parrying to beat it.

When you first fight it, it is super frustrating, but once you get a rhythm down, then the boss is actually super fun. That is why this boss is on my top 5 favorite bosses list. Also, the boss is insane when you first startle it.

#3 Owl Father

My third favorite boss in Sekiro is Owl Father. There are 2 versions of this boss depending on what ending you choose, but I am specifically talking about the Hirata Estate version. This boss is very difficult because he does not give you any time to do anything. He also throws firecrackers and does some insane tricks with his sword.

I have to say that this is the second hardest boss in the entire game, but not only is he fast and aggressive, but there are also really no ways of cheesing this boss if you wanted to. To get this ending, you need to earn it because it is not easy.

#2 Isshin, the Sword Saint

My second favorite boss in Sekiro is Isshin, the Sword Saint. This is the final boss of the game and that is why I gave that spoiler warning in the beginning of the video This boss is the hardest boss in the entire game, but you may ask why it is not my favorite boss in the game as well.

This boss is very difficult and There are a total of 4 phases within this boss. If you die on any of them, you will have to start all over. It is actually a very fun boss to me because I played the game over like 5 times in a row and my second to fifth time fighting this boss, I beat him on my first try every time. I found a great way to beat him and it is very satisfying to use it on this boss.

#1 Genichiro Ashina

My favorite boss in Sekiro is Genichiro Ashina. He is actually the second main boss you run into in Sekiro and it is one of the hardest as well. It is difficult because of the challenge he gives you in the starting areas of the game.

He has 3 total phases and he uses a flurry of bow and sword attacks. What makes him my favorite though is how satisfying it is to parry him perfectly. Sekiro is about learning and I feel that this boss makes you learn more than most other bosses do. If you have not beaten him yet, don’t give up and just take your time and learn his moves.

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