Monster Hunter: World When to Upgrade Armor

Monster Hunter: World When to Upgrade Armor

Monster Hunter: World is one of those games where you spend countless hours grinding for many of the armor or weapon items in the game. Not a lot of people know that you can upgrade your gear because they are focused on getting new gear. I am going to explain just how to upgrade your gear and the best time to do so.

How to upgrade armor

Armor Upgrades require both Armor Spheres and Zenny. Armor Spheres contribute Upgrade Points toward each Upgrade level and can spill over into successive levels. To upgrade armor, go to the smithy and choose upgrade equipment. Choose armor and then the gear you want to upgrade.

There are 6 types of Armor Spheres in the game. Armor Spheres are worth 1 upgrade point, Armor Spheres+ are worth 5 upgrade points, Advanced Armor Spheres are worth 20 upgrade points, Hard Armor Spheres are worth 80 upgrade points, Heavy Armor Spheres are worth 200 upgrade points, and King Armor Spheres are worth 800 Upgrade points.

Should I get full armor sets?

Yes and no. Usually set bonuses on an entire set only require you to have 3-4 pieces, so you don't technically have to have a full set, although the full set makes you look better. I would say, don't go for whole sets until you find that one armor set that you love. You can then upgrade that set until you find an even better one. If you have the Iceborne DLC, you can then showcase your favorite armor in your room.

When should I upgrade armor

There are only 2 reasons you should upgrade armor. The first reason is if you are really struggling on a mission, and you need that extra defense boost. I doubt you will have any problems in the low-rank section, but everyone is different. The second reason is if you find that armor set you to want to keep. It is best to level it up as much as you can so you can use it for a while. It will be replaced later on, but at least you can wear it for a while.

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