Monster Hunter: World What to do with Research Points

Monster Hunter: World What to do with Research Points

How do you get Research Points?

So how do you get Research Points? Well, it is actually very simple. Just by playing the game and exploring each area gives you a bunch. By collecting materials on the ground and walls, and even by knocking off pieces of Monsters as well. Finding tracks and substances left behind by monsters also gives you Research Points. Everything you do in the world pretty much gives you research points so if you are almost out, just go exploring a world and grab everything you can.

Pay for Meals

Everyone knows how helpful eating before a quest is, but you can pay for it with Research Points. It is probably not recommended because there are other important things you can do with them, but it does give you the option. If you don’t want to use Zenny, just use some Research Points, and it is not very much either so don’t worry.

Trade for bundles at the Argosy

The Argosy is a ship that goes between the Old and New world grabbing material from one place and bringing it back to the other. After every couple of quests, the Captain is sitting right in the Tradeyard. It allows you to trade Research Points for a bundle of wherever you told him to collect so choose wisely before he comes back again for another selling trip.

Send out Palico Safari

Not a lot of people know about this because if you don’t own Iceborne, then you have to talk to your Palico Housekeeper in your Living Quarters. The Palico Safari is pretty much a group of Palicos you can send out to whatever area you choose to grab whatever materials you choose. It is paid for with Research Points, but it does get a little pricey depending on what group you choose to send out.

Meld items at the Melding Pot

The Melder Pot is a very important place because it allows you to Meld a bunch of items you would need to do a lot of farming for. You can trade items in for Melder Experience and then you use Research Points to purchase the Meld for whatever item you choose. It is actually super helpful if you need an item badly.

Craft Palico Equipment

When you craft armor for yourself, it costs material and Zenny. For your Palico, to craft armor and weapons it takes material and Research Points. It does not take a lot, but if you are keeping your Points in bulk, you will have no problem purchasing Palico gear.

Buy Botanical Fertilizers for cultivation

You need to have something being cultivated so you don’t have to go searching for a ton of items later on. Any organic item you can find in the game can be cultivated and you can purchase Fertilizers with Research Points to make them grow faster. Just make sure you check on it before it fills up all the way so you are not wasting time.

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