Monster Hunter: World How to Capture any Creature

Monster Hunter: World How to Capture any Creature

The Monster Hunter series is a very complicated one because it takes a long time to complete your quest and defeat the monster you are hunting. One thing new players to the series ask is how to capture a creature. Capturing a creature is very helpful because it ends the quest a little earlier than if you kill the creature. Here is how to capture a creature.

Be prepared for the fight

Before you start your journey, you must prepare for the fight. This means you have to bring your Pitfall Traps and your Shock Traps, and also have a bunch of Tranq Bombs. Once you have those, you can enter the fight. During capture investigations, you will get traps for free, but with regular missions, you actually have to buy them from the main vendor in the village.

There are only a few things you will need before you start your fight, and they are easy to get. Make sure you have all the items you need and have extra just in case you mess up and use one too early. Just be prepared so you don't have to resort to just killing the creature.

Here are the items you will need to complete a capture:

  • 1 Pitfall Trap
  • 1 Shock Trap
  • 2-3 Tranq Bombs

Drop the health of the creature

To actually be able to capture the monster, you must drop the monster's health down to 30% or lower. It will take you a while to get them to this point, but it is better than fully killing it. Cutting off parts of the creature will also drop the health so deal as much damage as possible until the creature is limping away. This is when the monster runs back to its nest and sleeps.

Use your Traps and Tranq Bombs

Once you lower the creature's health, it will start limping back to its hidey-hole and start sleeping. You can walk around the creature all you want and it won't wake up. When you are near, optionally, you can place down some explosive barrels before the trap, but that is up to you. Place the trap down right next to the creature and then start hitting it with your weapon. It will wake up and then get stuck in the trap. Throw some Tranq Bombs at it and it will be captured. You will need at least 2 to capture it at low health.

Why should I capture the creatures?

Capturing any creature is actually really helpful if you are looking for more loot. You actually get more material from the creature if you capture it with the plus being that the quest is a little bit shorter. You also get to look at the creature in the hub area to get a better look at it. Also, it is more satisfying to capture it because it is a little bit harder than just killing it. Ultimately, you should try to capture more creatures than you kill because you will get more out of each mission if you do.

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