Is Super People Good?

Is Super People Good?

Following the huge trend of Battle Royal games for the past few years, Super People offers a slightly new experience while still keeping a lot of the elements of some of the original BR games in the mix.

The question that we all have though, is the question of whether Super People is good and is it worth playing?

Is Super People Made by The PUBG Developers?


Although this is a huge mislead on the part of Super People, the game is not developed by the PUBG makers and does not have any affiliation with them.

Some think that this could be the sequel to PUBG that the developers have been teasing but there is no tie to the other game.

Although this is not a sequel and is not related, this can be thought of as sort of a PUBG 2.0. So many of the movement styles and overall gunplay are almost replicas of what PUBG feels like. In a lot of ways, it feels as if this can be considered an updated PUBG with new unique features.

This also brings up a big dividing factor about this game.

Super People's PUBG Inspiration

Super People takes huge inspiration from Player Unkown's Battle Grounds. For some people, this is great, because it feels like an updated version of a game that they already love. For others, this means that it feels as if it is a rip-off on one of the most prominent battle royals ever made.

For me, I love the idea of taking the inspiration from my actual most played game in steam and just improving on the foundation.

This, of course, will be subjective, so you could think the absolute opposite.

PUBG with Powers

To sum up the game for a lot of people who have not tried it yet, imagine playing Player Unkown's Battlegrounds, but with unique abilities and powers.

There are a lot of other aspects that separate this game, such as the passive abilities, classes, weapon building, upgrading, and a lot more, but if we are all being honest, this is the most pressing of all of the updated features.

Is Super People Better than PUBG?

For a lot of people, PUBG becoming free is a huge win, but for others, the game could feel outdated and some may prefer to play Super People. So, is Super People better than PUBG?

Well, for me, I would say yes. Keep in mind I am a huge fan of PUBG and it remains to be my most played game ever in my steam library. For me, the game updates the PUBG engine and adds upon an already great game. The addition of power upgrades, and especially looting, gives this game a leg up and ends up being more enjoyable for me.

For others, PUBG is always king, and that's okay! Play what makes you happy and enjoy the experience.

Is Super People Good and Worth Playing?

In short, yes.

I love this game and although I always refer to it as the PUBG Walmart version, it exceeds my expectations and adds to a format that has been tried and true for years!

My only complaint would be the over-mobilized style of the games menu and UI. I feel this will become a heap of microtransactions and skin buying in the near future, but for right now, the game looks clean with that slight hint of the low-budget mobile game feel to it, but I can bear it.

Keep in mind that the game is still being worked on but is a great game to play with friends and is a happy inclusion to the list of BR games that I play!

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