Is Rogue Company Worth the Money or Should you Wait?

Is Rogue Company Worth the Money or Should you Wait?

This is not a buy or pass, but I am going to go over if the game is worth it. The game is currently in an Early Access stage, so if you do get the game, there is going to be a ton of content added in the future.

Still, in its state the game is currently in, the game is definitely worth at least playing. Here are some good things that the game has that might show you exactly why the game is worth playing.

The Game Modes

One main thing I have noticed about the game is the fact that there are a bunch of game modes to play, so if you don’t like one, you can go and play another. I like the Strikeout game mode the best because it is more along the lines of a Team Deathmatch. Basically, Strikeout is each team has a total of twelve tickets per round.

Once all lives have been depleted, the affected team will be unable to respawn, triggering the Sudden Death phase. Once Sudden Death is activated, the team without tickets will have thirty seconds to contest and/or recapture the objective or it will result in a round loss. There are many other modes to play as well.

The Rogues

The Rogues are one of the most interesting parts of this game though, because there is soo many to use. I think there are a total of 13 Rogues currently implemented into the game, and they all have unique abilities and weapons.

There are some primary weapons that other Rogues have, but there is always at least 1 weapon that each one has that is unique. You can unlock Rogues by playing the game, or you can spend some money on in-game currency to unlock them.

The Issue

One major thing I have an issue with is the shop and how much each thing costs. Obviously, things will be fixed as time goes on, but as of right now, there is not much in the field of customization items for the Rogues. In the future, more will be added to the game and everything that is glitchy and annoying now will be fixed in the future. It is an Early Access game, so give it some slack.

Is It Worth It?

Other than those issues, there are not many bad things to say about this game because it is very fun by yourself, or with friends. The best feeling in this game is destroying an enemy team all by yourself and coming out victorious on the battlefield.

If you like these types of games, then this one might be your favorite. I am addicted to this game and will be for much longer, especially when it fully comes out.

I would say that this game is worth paying the money to get Early Access. Not only do you unlock a couple extra Rogues early, you get to see the game progress through time. The game is also on all platforms, even Nintendo Switch, and the game has cross-play.

I would say that the $15 dollar version is worth it, or you can get it for cheap for PC on like G2A or Gamegator. If not, you can wait for the game to come out, but there is not a date for release so keep that in mind.

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