How to Switch Ammo in Hunt Showdown: Ammo Changing Guide

How to Switch Ammo in Hunt Showdown: Ammo Changing Guide

Hunt Showdown is unlike any other game I have personally played. It resembled the elements that Escape from Tarkov has. Not only does it play differently but the gameplay is vastly different than your traditional FPS.

The crosshair is different, your FOV is customizable to an extent that I have never seen before, and the gameplay is slow and strategic. You don't necessarily need to frag out and get a ton of kills in order to win. You could theoretically do very well in a match if you lay low and pick your targets carefully.

This type of game has a lot of unique elements aside from the bounties and monsters around the map. The unique elements don't stop there, they also bleed into the weapons. Some weapons allow you to have multiple modes of shooting. This warrants some confusion on how to address this and how to take advantage of this feature.

How to Switch Ammo in Hunt Showdown

To change and switch your ammo type, you need to press "X" (Default) on the keyboard or "up" on the D-pad on the controller.

This is extremely vital to know because the different ammo types allow you to become more versatile with your weapons. No matter your weapon type, you can improve the weak points of your weapon.

Why Use Different Ammo Types?

The ammo types and switching between ammo modes are extremely important for this game.

Some enemies have more tendencies of being hurt by specific ammo types than others. Not only does this help with getting in an encounter with a bounty or PvE enemies, but you also benefit when fighting other players.

Depending on your class, ammo types can help improve your weapon's ability to be more versatile. If you enjoy running a short-range build and weapon class, it may benefit you to explore the different ammo types to improve your long-range damage.

What Are The Best Ammo Types in Hunt Showdown?

Ammo types, as stated before, are extremely important to pay attention to. Now, this is just a starting point and some personal suggestions to get you started. I would recommend looking more in-depth into the subject to find the best ammo types for both PvP and PvE.

Best Ammo Types for PvE

  • Pennyshot (Great for Bounties)
  • Buckshot
  • Dragon's Breathe
  • Flechette
  • Poison Bolt

Best Ammo Types for PvP

  • Spitzer
  • High-Velocity
  • Dragon's Breathe
  • FMJ
  • Slugs
  • DumDum

These ammo rounds are not exclusive to either PvP or PvE but hopefully, this will help you in exploring your options and getting some different ammo types in your inventory. Not only that, but this will hopefully get you exploring the different weapons that the game has and allows you to slowly gain a better understanding of what weapons are best to use for either PvE or PvP enemies.

Hunt Showdown is a game that has a great learning curve and going hand and hand with that is the ability to explore all kinds of ammo and weapon types. Keep in mind that your opponents are taking advantage of these features so it will only benefit you to do the same.

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