How to Play SCP: Secret Laboratory

How to Play SCP: Secret Laboratory

The SCP platform is a vast and intriguing universe. Not only is the community behind the fabrication of these stories and creatures, but is also behind the various video games based in the SCP universe. Arguably the most popular of these games is SCP: Secret Laboratory.

At first run-through, SCP: Secret Laboratory seems very complex; however, once you know the roles and goals of each individual class, it becomes natural. In this article, I will go through each and every one of the roles in the game. 


  • Goal - Escape facility
  • Advantages - Strength in numbers
  • Disadvantages - Lack of starting equipment + spawn near SCPs
  • Allies - Chaos Insurgency
  • Enemies - Scientist, Security Guards, Nine Tail Fox, Serpents Hand, and SCP

Class-D Personnel begins by starting off in a containment cell with other inmates. As Class-D maneuvers through the facility, they need to collect keycards and avoid all threats. Since this game is centered around communication, Class-D inmates can collaborate with their fellow inmates to successfully escape.

First goal is to obtain a keycard

Where to find them

  • Killing a Scientist, Security Guard or Nine Tail Fox
  • Looting off a body having a keycard
  • Finding it around the map

Killing - If you find yourself with a weapon as a Class-D, you will want to try to kill a scientist first, as they are the easiest to kill. If at all possible, killing a security guard or nine tail fox is much more profitable; however, it is a much harder task to pull off.

Looting - In the majority of cases, you will see your fellow convicts dead on the ground and often having loot surrounding their body. Even though it seems like a simple task, you will need to be alert due to whatever the cause of their death was. Looting dead security guards and nine tail fox keycards often gives you more access to doors and better weapons.

Finding - If you don't feel like having blood on your hands or digging through your dead fellow inmate's pockets, you can find keycards around the map!

Bathroom (Keycard and gun)

Lockers (Flash light, keycard, ammo, and meds)

Computer room (Keycard)

Room near SCP-173 (Keycard and gun)

Find refinery and upgrade keycards

After obtaining a keycard you will need to find your way to this room. it will be in a large locked door and require a keycard to open. Once inside, set the machine to the Fine setting. You will then want to go into the intake door and drop the card inside. Go back to the console for the machine and push the button. The doors will close for a few seconds and then your card will be in the output door. You will want to keep doing this process until your card is a high enough clearance for you to escape: red, blue, or the highest, black.

Getting to the surface

Now that you have the keycard to escape you will need to get out of light containment first. Find the doors that indicate you are going into heavy containment. Once past these doors, you are in heavy containment. Be cautious in heavy containment as the majority of the SCP's spawn in here.

Watch out for the tesla gates! The way to get passed these is to stand close to them and wait for the electricity to start, your perfect time to jump through is directly after it goes off. You will need to move fast because once it starts that cycle it is a short window for you to make it through.

You will now need to the Entrance Zone. Once in here, navigate to gate A or B to get to the surface.

Gate A and B both have a elevator to take you up to the surface.

Where to go once on the surface

Whether you came up in from gate A or B, you will need to make your way to the Nine Tail Fox spawn. At this open parking area, you will find a door leading to the catwalk. Once through that door, there will be a second door that will lead you to the catwalk.

Follow the catwalk until you reach the bottom. You will then want to go to your right and you will then be spawned in as a Chaos Insurgency.


  • Goal - Escape facility
  • Advantages - Spawns with keycard
  • Disadvantages - Low in numbers + spawn near SCPs + usually harassed
  • Allies - Nine Tail Fox and Security Guards
  • Enemies - D-Class, Chaos insurgencies, Serpents Hand, and SCP

Scientists begin by starting off either in heavy containment or in various areas around the map. An advantage that the scientist has, is spawning with a keycard. This way you can skip the extra steps and head straight for the refinery machine. You will also need to communicate with other players and find Security Guards that can help you escape. The Scientist is usually a disliked class.

Your first goal is to find the refinery

As mentioned before, you will want to do the same process with your keycards as any other class. Set the machine to the Fine setting, drop the keycard inside, and push the button. Repeat this process until the card is either red, blue, or the highest level, black.

Getting to the surface

Now that you have your keycard, you will need to find your way to heavy containment.

Once in heavy containment, find your way to the entrance zone.

Now that you are in the entrance zone, make your way to either gate A or B. Go in the elevator and this will take you to the surface

You will want to go to the same place as you would as a D-Class. Go through the doors. Follow the catwalk until you reach the bottom. You will then be spawned in as a Nine Tail Fox.

Security Guards

  • Goal - Help Scientists and eliminate enemies
  • Advantages - Spawns with higher-level keycard, weapon, meds, radio, disarmer
  • Disadvantages - Low in numbers + weak weapon + prime target for enemies
  • Allies - Nine Tail Fox and Scientist
  • Enemies - D-Class, Chaos insurgencies, Serpents Hand, and SCP

Security Guard begins by starting off in the entrance zone. An advantage that the security guards have, is spawning with a keycard and a weapon. This way you can defend yourself against any threats. You can also communicate with allies through the radio. The security guard may have an advantage with the weapon; however, it is usually the prime target of the D-Class and is outgunned by the Chaos Insurgency. Your main goal is to help the scientist escape and recruit them into Nine Tail Fox.

Find your way to light containment

The entrance zone can be very confusing to navigate. You will need to find the heavy containment checkpoint zone. If you are in an office area, it is a sign you are near heavy containment.

Find elevator A or B. Go down the elevator and go into light containment. Be careful when going through the tesla gates.

Help scientist and eliminate D-Class

Your main goal as a security guard is to eliminate the D-Class and help the Scientist escape. You can also disarm the D-Class and bring them to the surface escape zone.


SCP-173 (Peanut)

  • Goal - Eliminate all targets
  • Advantages - Spawns in light containment, very fast, kills in one hit, speed increases as health decreases
  • Disadvantages - Low health compared to other SCP's, Cannot move while in sight of targets, targets blink when you are close
  • Allies - SCP's, Serpents Hand
  • Enemies - Everyone

SCP-173 (Peanut) has a very fast movement speed and can kill in one hit. It also spawns in light containment which gives you quick access to D-Class and Scientists. SCP-173's weakness is that once in view of a target, you are frozen until they blink or look away.

SCP-096 (Shy Guy)

  • Goal - Eliminate all targets
  • Advantages - Move extremely fast and potential to kill multiple targets once in rage mode, lots of health, can break down doors when in rage
  • Disadvantages - Slow when not in rage mode, 5 seconds to charge before the allowed rage mode, crying warns targets you are near
  • Allies - SCP's, Serpents Hand
  • Enemies - Everyone

SCP-096 (Shy Guy) has the potential to kill a large number of targets once in rage mode. It needs to be looked at in order to start the 5-second charge up towards rage mode. One of SCP-096's weaknesses is his slow movement speed when not in rage mode. You can also hear him crying which can warn targets that you are near.

SCP-106 (Old Man or Larry)

  • Goal - Eliminate all targets
  • Advantages - Can pass through any interactable door (Except Alpha Warhead on surface level), can teleport to any random target in the map, sinkholes, has a lot of health, pocket dimension ability
  • Disadvantages - Slow movement speed, swan song alarms nearby targets, can be re-contained with a sacrifice of a human target
  • Allies - SCP's, Serpents Hand
  • Enemies - Everyone

SCP-106 (Old Man or Larry) can teleport any target into a pocket dimension. In this pocket dimension, the target has multiple paths, all but one will kill you. If the target finds the correct path, they will spawn in his containment area. SCP-106 also has a large amount of health and can be hard to kill. One of SCP-106 weaknesses is he can be re-contained by human sacrifice.

Sacrifice device
Button to start the sacrifice

This is the device that re-contains SCP-106, it can be found in his containment room (Heavy Containment). In order to activate this device, you will need a human sacrifice to go inside the machine. Once inside the machine, another player will need to press the red button to start the re-containment process. The human sacrifice will die, and SCP-106 will be no longer playable in the match.

SCP-939 (Dog)

  • Goal - Eliminate all targets
  • Advantages - Fast movement speed, can move completely silently as long as not holding shift, can communicate with other players by holding V, can see targets through walls
  • Disadvantages - Cannot see targets unless they move, bump you, or shoot weapon near you
  • Allies - SCP's, Serpents Hand
  • Enemies - Everyone

SCP-939 (Dog) is a great SCP because you are able to talk to your targets and possibly get them to open doors before realizing what you are. In some cases, there can be 2 SCP-939's spawn in a round. SCP-939 moves completely silently until you shift run. Although you are blind, you can see through nearby walls, which can come in handy. Be very aware of where your targets are until you are ready to attack because they will undoubtedly try to lose you and stand completely still so you cannot see them.

SCP-079 (The computer)

  • Goal - Eliminate all targets
  • Advantages - Can help other SCP's open doors and locate targets, have control over tesla gates, lock doors, virtually indestructible
  • Disadvantages - The 5 control panels in order to shut the SCP off
  • Allies - SCP's, Serpents Hand
  • Enemies - Everyone

SCP-079 (Computer) is the least exciting SCP, but can also be very effective in helping your fellow SCP's win. You are able to activate tesla gates and lock victims in with one of your fellow SCP's to help get the kill. Be sure to give callouts as to the location of your targets.

The only way to shut SCP-079 down is to turn off all 5 of the control panels. These are found around heavy containment and can be opened with any low-level keycards. You will need a weapons tablet and place it inside. Once inside the countdown will start. Once the control panel is down, repeat this process to all 5.

SCP-049 (Plague Doctor)

  • Goal - Eliminate all targets and expand SCP roster
  • Advantages - Able to convert players into SCP's
  • Disadvantages - Slow, fragile
  • Allies - SCP's, Serpents Hand
  • Enemies - Everyone

SCP-049 (Plague Doctor) is a great SCP to be. Not only can you kill your targets fast, but you can also turn them into SCP zombies, creating a large SCP army. This SCP can turn the tides of the game and give the SCP's strength in numbers. You can only convert a dead player if the Plague Doctor killed them.

SCP-049-2 (Zombies or the Cured)

  • Goal - Eliminate all targets and help the Plague Doctor convert more to the army
  • Advantages - Potential of strength in numbers
  • Disadvantages - Slow, does not deal a lot of damage, not much health
  • Allies - SCP's, Serpents Hand
  • Enemies - Everyone

SCP-049-2 (Zombie or the Cured) is relatively not a powerful force. Your advantage can only come if there are more that are converted. A large group of SCP-049-2's can be very effective.

Chaos Insurgency

  • Goal - Eliminate all enemies and extract D-Class
  • Advantages - Powerful weapon, hacker keycard
  • Disadvantages - Slower
  • Allies - D-Class
  • Enemies - Scientist, Security Guards, Nine Tail Fox, Serpents Hand

Chaos Insurgency begins by starting off on the surface. An advantage that Chaos Insurgency has, is the weapon you spawn in with, as well as the hacker keycard. Your main goal is to extract and recruit D-Class. You also want to eliminate all targets but D-Class. You are not inherently against the SCP's, you can still win the game without killing them.

Find your way inside the facility

Your spawn location is across from Nine Tail Fox's spawn. You will want to go up the stair to your left and find the elevator entrance. This will bring you to the gate entrance and allow you to enter into the entrance zone.

Nine Tail Fox

  • Goal - Eliminate all enemies and extract Scientists
  • Advantages - Good weapons, radio, grenades, variety of members
  • Disadvantages - spawn late into the game
  • Allies - Security Guards and Scientist
  • Enemies - D-Class, SCP, Chaos Insurgency

Nine Tail Fox begins by starting off on the surface. An advantage that this class has is often spawning in large numbers. You also spawn with ranks and a radio to communicate over. Your main goal is to extract the Scientist. You also want to eliminate all enemies. You also want to work alongside the Security Guards.

Find your way inside the facility

Your spawn location is across from the Chaos Insurgency spawn. You will want to go alongside this walkway to find this elevator entrance. This will bring you to the gate entrance and allow you to enter into the entrance zone.

Serpents Hand (Tutorial)

  • Goal - Eliminate all enemies
  • Advantages - weapon, hacker keycard, allies are SCP's
  • Disadvantages - Rare spawn rate
  • Allies - SCP'S
  • Enemies - D-Class, Chaos Insurgency, Nine Tail Fox, Scientist, Security Guard

Serpent's Hand (Tutorial) spawn late into the game. These are often rare to spawn, but when they do they can be a hard force to beat. Their main goal is to eliminate all targets but the SCP'S.


Keycards are very important in this game. All classes except for SCP's are heavily reliant on your level of keycard.

All keycard levels

Whether you start out as a D-class, Scientist, or even Security Guard, you will want to upgrade your keycard. Scientist start out with a yellow keycard. D-Class start with no keycard and will need to find one.

Where to find?


Computer room


Science room near SCP-173 spawn

It is also a viable option to kill or loot from another player.

Where and how to upgrade

Make your way to the refinery room. This room is usually locked and will require a low level keycard to unlock.

Here is the refinery. You are going to want to set it to fine and place your keycards and or items into the input. After a few seconds, it will come out of the output. Keep repeating this until your card is black, which is the highest level.

  • Rough - Destroys item in the input
  • Coarse - Downgrades the item
  • 1:1 - Switches to a same level item
  • Fine - Upgrades any item
  • Very Fine - Upgrades item to the fullest with the possibility of destroying it

Although the refinery has all of these settings, you will want to stick with the fine setting. It is the safest option and will get your keycard and or any items to the level they need to be at.


First, you will need a level 5 keycard (Black keycard). Next, you will go to heavy containment and take the elevator up to the Alpha Warhead room. Here you will turn the nuke on and then make your way to the surface.

Once on the surface, find the room near Chaos Insurgency spawn. You will need to activate the nuke here. The nuke takes around 1:50 seconds to detonate. You should also lock yourself in this room and defend it. All players inside the facility will die once the nuke detonates.

Extra Tips

SCP-500 is a red pill that heals the player to 100 percent. It is found in a small box that requires a keycard.

Medkits are found all around the map. These are important to pick up so you can heal whenever injured.

Grenades are a great tool to use. These are going to be one of your best bets to deal the most amount of damage to SCP's.

The Micro is a weapon that can be found in heavy containment. This weapon does a massive amount of damage and is great for killing SCP's. You need to hold down the trigger button until it is charges up and shoots.

SCP-268 can be found in a little box that requires a keycard to unlock. This hat will allow the person wearing it to be invisible for 30 seconds.


SCP: Secret Laboratory can seem a lot to learn. The best way to learn is to jump in and learn from your fellow players. Once you get the basics down, there is a lot of interesting and fun times to have in this game. I hope this article could give you some insights so you can get started!

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