How to Play SCP-173 (Peanut) in SCP: Secret Laboratory

How to Play SCP-173 (Peanut) in SCP: Secret Laboratory

The most recognizable SCP in the community is most likely SCP-173 (Peanut). This SCP is found on most youtube thumbnails and for good reason! A terrifying concrete statue that snaps necks when no one is looking at it. He no doubt isn't any less terrifying in SCP: Secret Laboratory. First time playing Peanut can be confusing, in this article, I will show you how to play SCP-173 (Peanut) in SCP: Secret Laboratory.

SCP-173 spawns in light containment. His controls are the movement keys and left click to snap necks. He moves extremely fast and cannot move if someone is looking directly at him. The targets will blink every 2-3 seconds and that allows you to move closer. Once close enough, you can left-click to snap the necks of the player.

SCP-173 Spawn

SCP-173 (Peanut) is the only SCP that spawns in light containment. The door will not immediately open so you will need to wait a few seconds until it will unlock. Once it is unlocked you can open it. Follow to the next door and continue down the stairs. You are now in the halls alongside all other players.

How to Play SCP-173

Peanut doesn't have many controls. his only control other than the movement keys is left-click to attack.

Best Way to Play SCP-173

Peanut travels at a very fast speed when not looked at. This is a serious advantage and allows you to travel to your targets in a matter of seconds. SCP-173 also kills in one click. Your best play is to keep after targets and corner them. Once they are cornered you can maneuver around them so you are outside of their line of sight.

You also can camp the refinery room door. Players will eventually need to open the door.

Things to note

  • Explodes once killed which can kill surrounding players
  • Faster as health decreases
  • Players begin to blink when you are nearby
  • Players blink every 2-3 seconds


SCP-173 (Peanut) is a very fun SCP to play. He has the potential to kill a lot of players extremely fast because of his movement speed. His one downside it that you freeze as long as players are looking at you; however, in most cases, as long as you continue hunting them, you will get the kill.

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