How to Play Deceit

How to Play Deceit

One of the best experiences you can have on a multiplayer steam game is with Deceit. If you are like me, when you first jump in the game, it seems confusing. Well, in this article I will be going over the basics on how to play Deceit to help you get off to a good start!

What is Deceit

Deceit is basically a hybrid mix of Among us, TTT, and SCP. You need to vote out the infected and make your way through the stages of the map in order to eventually escape.


Goal: Your goal as an innocent is to escape through the various stages of the map (3 stages) to eventually escape the map entirely. Work to find out who the two infected are and vote them out.

Gather Items

Look for highlighted lever boxes on the walls to activate nearby item machines.

Focus in getting ammo and armor around the map (Press E)

Traps are activated by the highlighted boxes on the screen. Pull the lever and a nearby trap box will turn on. Stand in the area until complete and you will get a trap item that you can use against the infected.

Two-Person Items need another player to stand on the plate in order for the other play to grab the item.

Target Item machines activate once the nearby lever is turned on. You will need to use your knife or weapon to shoot the targets from the bottom to the top. Once all targets are hit in order, you will receive one item

Vote out Infected

You also want to key an eye out for infected so you can vote them out.

In order to vote someone out, you need to down them with your weapon. You then need to cast your vote by knifing that player (note that you already have cast your vote by downing them).

Key signs of knowing someone is infected is to look for players that drink blood bags, you can see, and also hear a sound when a player drinks the blood bags.

Players that don't get a majority vote or reach the vote time limit will respawn. Also, players can be downed but not voted out during a blackout.


There are 3 blackouts in each game. Each time these blackouts happen the infected can transform and only transform during a blackout.

Your goal is to find the fuses around the map and follow the indicator to place them in the fuse boxes. There are sometimes 1, 2, or 3 of these required for the next map area to open.

Once all fuses are in, you need to follow the indicators on the screen to move to the next area. All players must move to the next stage or they will die.


If you get past the first two stages, the third stage is a little different.

When the blackout happens, the infected stay in terror mode. You need the fuse to open the vault door and when the cooldown ends, you can escape.


  • Camera - Used to stun infected during the blackout.
  • Antidote - Used to revive a player that was downed by the infected.
  • Inspection Kit - Scans players to determine if they are infected or not.
  • Lethal Injection - Used for both innocent and infected to put them on a timer of 20 seconds before they die.
  • Shotgun - Double barrel shotgun.
  • Torch - Light damage against infected.
  • Trap - Placed as a trap against infected.
  • Tracker - Used to track a player. Everyone can see the outline of that player for 30 seconds.
  • Blood Bags - For filling up the infected terror bar.
  • Body armor - Increases armor.
  • Ammo - For pistol.


Your Goal: Your goal as infected is to drink the blood bags to fill up your terror bar. Be cautious when drinking these, convince the others you are one of them. Kill all players before they escape.

Gather Items

Just as an innocent, you want to gather items also. This will keep less innocents from having items to use against you.

Set up traps and grab antidotes, and cameras especially.

Terror Mode

You need to drink usually 3 blood bags in order for your terror meter to fully fill up. Once filled, you can transform during blackouts.

Press T to transform.

Use Left-click to attack and Right-click to grab and instantly down the player.

Be sure no one is around when you transform, and when the blackout ends, there will be a 10-second countdown before you will be forced back into human form. (Note you can only transform into a terror when a blackout is happening)

Blackout as Infected

You will want to first pick up the fuses before the innocents. If you have the fuses, the innocents can't place them in the fuse boxes and end the blackout. Be sure to do (If you can) this BEFORE you transform.

You will also need to escape to the next stage or you will die.

Prevent Escaping

If you get to the third stage and there are still players left, you want to first try and get the fuse before the innocents, or wait at the vault door and kill them before they escape.


Deceit is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Innocents need to escape and work together to vote out the infected before they are in terror form. Traverse through the blackouts by using the fuses, and finally escaping. The infected are to gain the trust of the other players, and gather fuses before the innocent to make the blackouts last longer. Kill all players and prevent them from escaping. Like with anything it is all about getting in and playing the game.

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