How To Play Among Us

How To Play Among Us

If you have ever played Mafia with friends or Trouble in Terrorist Town in Garry's Mod, then you probably won't have too hard of a time figuring out Among Us.

Essentially you have 1, 2, or 3 imposters and the rest of the crew. The goal of the imposter is to kill the crew and gain everyone's trust. The crew's objective is to finish all the tasks around the map and try and work together to figure out who the imposter is and eject them out of the map.


  • Movement

So once you spawn in, in order to move you need to hold left click and drag around for you to move. To make it easier you can change this in the setting so you can use WASD for movement instead.

  • Tasks

At the top left of the screen, you will have a list of tasks. Some of these tasks are 1, 2, or 3 part tasks.

You will either have a arrow on your screen showing the tasks you need to do but you can also use the map at the top left to see where the tasks are.

Each time you finish a task you will fill up the crew taskbar at the top. Once the taskbar fills all the way up, the imposter will automatically lose. (if you die, you should still finish your tasks as a ghost.)

In order to start the task, you will need to press the button that highlights at the bottom right of your screen. This will show up once you are close to the task.

I won't go through all of tasks but some of the tasks are same throughout all three maps and some are different. All of them are really self explanatory and easy. Usually they consist of dragging wires to connect them or scanning yourself in a med bay. Just look for buttons to click on and you'll be okay.

Your goal as a crew member is to watch and find the imposter and then convince your fellow crewmates to vote the imposter out. Finish your tasks as soon as possible and Make sure to be accountable and trustworthy.


  • Fake tasks

When you spawn in as an imposter, you will see at the top right, a list of fake tasks. These are locations you can follow to make it seem like you are completing tasks. Note that if a crew member is watching you, they may notice that the taskbar does not increase.

  • Sabotages

One thing you will notice at the bottom right of your screen, is the sabotages. You have the option to close doors for a short period of time, as well as some sabotages

Electrical sabotage - This sabotage will turn off the lights and require a crew member to fix it. The view distance will shorten so you have more opportunities to kill and not get seen.

O2 Sabotage - The O2 sabotage allows the crew members only about 60 seconds to go to both locations to stop the count down. If they don't fix it in time, you will win.

Comms Sabotage - When you do this sabotage, it will turn off security cameras and also some tasks until crew members fix it.

Sabotages are great for diverting attention and splitting groups up. These will aid you in winning.

  • Killing

The obvious other option you have as an imposter is the killing option. On the bottom right of your screen, you will see a kill button. It will often have cool downtime as well.

Make sure when you make a kill, you have an escape route or some way to allow the cooldown time so that you are able to kill another player if needed.

  • Vents

The last option you have as an imposter is to use the vents. The vents are great for moving around the map or escaping when you just kill.

You can hide in the vents for as long as you want but your kill cooldown won't count down.

Once in a vent, you can click on the arrows to choose which vent you want to move at. Press the vent button again to jump out. Be careful to make sure no one else is around when you vent, or that there aren't any cameras around.

  • Winning

You ultimately want to kill as many crew members without being found out. Be accountable and gain others' trust. You can self report your own kills but it can be risky.

In order to win, you need to either need to create sabotage, and the crew members not fix it in time or kill or get other members ejected until there are just 3 left. Once there are 3 members including yourself, you kill one of them outright and you will win.


There are two ways to get into the discussion meeting. Both have their purpose and both have their negative and positive outcomes.

  • Emergency Discussion Button

Each map has an emergency discussion button. This button can be pressed by any player and will automatically stop everything and everyone and force them into a meeting.

Only use this if you saw the imposter use a vent or do a fake task! If people do not hear a reason, they will most likely vote you out.

  • Report a Body

The other way to stop everything and bring everyone to a discussion is to report a body.

The report button will highlight on the bottom right of the screen. Be sure to remember the color of the body, where it was, and if any other colors were nearby. (In order to know where the body was, the names of the rooms are shown at the bottom of the screen.)

Some may accuse you of self-reporting because as an imposter you can also report the bodies you kill. Be sure to be accountable to other players so they can vouch for you.


Once everyone is in the discussion board you will have a time limit to vote. Usually you will have about a minute to discuss and a minute to cast your vote.

Select the color of the vote you want to cast and select the checkmark. You can also skip a vote by clicking on the skip button at the bottom left. Once the majority vote is cast, a player will be ejected.

You will want to follow other players and watch them do tasks. When a crew member does a task, you will see the task bar inch up. As an imposter, it will not move.

Vouch for other players that you know are safe and make sure you call out colors that you have good evidence against.


In the Lobby, you can also use the computer to customize your character. You can also use this to edit the game settings if you are the host.

Security Cams

On each of the maps, there will be an area for security cams. Watch these to see if an imposter uses a vent or if someone gets killed.

How To Win

  • Crew Member

As a crew member, you need to finish all your tasks, even when you are a ghost. You want to keep yourself accountable and keep an eye out for shady characters. Vote out the imposter and only accuse players that you have evidence against.

  • Imposter

As the imposter, you want to kill as many crew members as possible without getting caught. Use the vents to your advantage and try and pin other players that are others think are shady. Try and be far away from your kills and ultimately widdle down the crew to just you and two others. Once it is just the three of you, you want to kill one of the players outright and you will win.

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