How to Make The Gunpowder Mix - Amnesia Rebirth

How to Make The Gunpowder Mix - Amnesia Rebirth

The new Amnesia Rebirth game is finally out! Now, this game has some areas that can be difficult to navigate in. One of these areas is opening the gate doors by making the tank shell.

To make this tank shell, you need the gunpowder mix. I will be going over exactly where to find all the components in order to move on in the story.

Materials You Need

  • Sulfur Powder
  • Saltpeter
  • Milled Charcoal

Where to Find Milled Charcoal

The charcoal is the room nearest to the shell press. You will see a piece of charcoal in a bucket of charcoal.

You then want to place it in the machine next to it in order to mill it.

Where to Find Sulfur Powder

Going down the hall you will see a caged room.

In this room, you will see a medicine cabinet and in that cabinet, you will see the sulfur.

Go back to the room you found the charcoal in and place it in this refining pot in order to make it into powder.

Where to Find Saltpeter

If you are like me, you didn't know where in the world to find the saltpeter. After many minutes of annoyance, I realized it is back in the main castle area.

Go back to the QuaterMaster Room.

On your right there is where you will find the Saltpeter on the shelf.

Making the Shell

Place all of these in the press and pull the lever.

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