How to Make Simple Starter Car - Scrap Mechanic Survival

How to Make Simple Starter Car - Scrap Mechanic Survival

Scrap Mechanic Survival mode is filled with fun and imaginary locations, but it can take a while to travel to each location on foot. Along with all of the other inventive things you can do in the game, you can build vehicles. Starting out, it can seem like a big task to be able to build your first car, but in this article, I'll be showing you how to build a simple starter car easily.

Where to Go

  • Mechanic station
  • Ship

You can either find the mechanic shop or the space ship in order to craft the car. I recommend finding the mechanic shop. The space ship is most likely on fire and far from other areas.

Before moving on, make sure to go into the 3 cylinder stations where the beds are. In-room 2, there will be a battery to charge the mechanic station. Hold right click and place it in the battery slot in the mechanic shop.

Use Craft Bot

In order to craft the car, you will need to know what you need. The craft bot allows you to see what you need.

What you need to craft

  • Engine
  • Driver seat
  • 6 Bearings
  • 4 Wheels
  • Connect Tool
  • (Optional) Passenger seat

These are the items you need to craft in order to build the car. Now you need to mine the materials and gather what you need to build these parts.

Looting for Parts

  • Wood

You will need wood the majority of the parts. You can also use the wood as the frame of the car.

  • Scrap

You can gather scrap from destroying the scrap bots.

  • Circuit boards

You can find circuit boards from loot crates and also from destroying the scrap bots

  • Component Kits

Component kits can be found from loot crates

  • Fuel

You can find fuel for the car in loot boxes. You can also refine crude oil from the lakes, and turn it into fuel for your car.

Build Car

Now that you have all your parts crafted, you can move on to building the car.

  • Building the frame

First place down your jack in an open area. You can then start to place blocks of wood and build your frame. ( To raise the height of jack, use the arrow keys.)

Once you build you frame place these stubs on each corner for the wheels.

Place a bearing in each of the front corners before you place the stubs for the wheels. This will allow your vehicle to turn.

  • Installing parts

Place the seat facing the front of the vehicle. ( To rotate parts press Q and Shift Q. )

The engine and optional passenger seat can be placed behind the driver's seat.

Place a bearing on each of the four corner stubs.

Then go ahead and place your wheels on each of those bearings.

  • Connecting all the parts

Pull out your connect tool and connect the front seat to the engine. ( to connect, hold left click and drag ).

Next, connect the engine to the two rear bearings. The starter scrap engine can only connect to two wheels at a time.

Lastly, connect the front seat to the two turning bearing.

  • Rotation

Rotate the front two turning bearings. ( to rotate hover over with the connect tool and right-click).

You also want to rotate the back left bearing.

Just Add Fuel

Now just add fuel and you are all set! Be sure to keep the engine level at a medium range.

  • What happens when car has too much power and flips

If the power is too high you can flip.

In order to get your car back and ready to drive you need to use your jack.

Pull your jack out and right click twice.

Pick up your jack by holding right click and its all set to drive!

All Done!

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