How to Make Money in Deadside

How to Make Money in Deadside

Money in Deadside is a staple that will carry you through the entire game. You can use it to buy consumables, bandages, guns, ammo, attachments, and tools.

The three best ways to make money in Deadside are looting, military camps. and missions. Once you get loot from doing anything, you sell it to make a great profit.

This is the short answer, so now I'll explain these 3 ways in detail.


While looting buildings is the safest way to make money, you're limited in the quality of gear you can get. It's good for getting a few thousand here or there, but it's not going to make you rich.

Get some clothes and bags with the most storage space, and then fill your inventory with as many valuables as you can. When you're completely full, head back over to the shop and sell your loot.

You can get some okay weapons doing this, but it's nothing compared to the gear you can get in the next methods.

Military Camps

Raiding military camps are my favorite way to get money. It's very dangerous fighting the bots there, as they're geared up with some great weapons and armor. When you kill them, their gears is yours for the taking.

Gorka clothing items sell for 1,000 each, so I often fill a backpack with as many Gorka items as I can. I also only bring one primary to these raids, as I can grab another primary to bring back and sell.

There's always the option of creating a container nearby to store all the loot you get. If you do this, just make sure you hide it where other players can't find it.


Doing missions can either be really hard or really easy, but you always get decent money from doing them. These are much easier with a squad, but then you'll have to split the loot with them.

In missions, you need to survive waves of enemies as they swarm at you, and a loot crate appears when you kill all of them. The difficulty of the enemies depends on the difficulty of the mission. Epic missions are the hardest, but give you some crazy good loot.

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