How to Make an Atmospheric Condenser

How to Make an Atmospheric Condenser

As you progress in your Astroneer journey, at some point you come across the need for an atmospheric condenser. Whether it be for methane, hydrogen, or nitrogen, this machine is vital. In this article, I'll be showing you how to get an atmospheric condenser.

What you need

You are going to need a medium printer in order to make the atmospheric condenser.


  • Glass

Glass can be made by first collecting soil in your canister and making quarts in your soul centrifuge.

Once you have the quarts, you smelt it into glass.

  • Plastic

You need to create plastic by using your chemistry lab.

You need carbon and compound. Carbon is smelted down organic, and compound is easily found everywhere on the planet.

  • Iron

Lastly you need Iron.

You can use a trade platform to get hematite.

You can also find hematite on Novus or Glacio.

Smelt the hematite to make iron.

Making an Atmospheric Condenser

Once you have all your materials you can create the atmospheric condenser!

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