How to Invite to a Squad

How to Invite to a Squad

Deadside is an awesome new survival game that's awesome with friends. Whether you're playing solo or with other people, it's always good to know how squads work.

If you’re going to play Deadside with your friends, it’s essential that you join a squad with them. Being in the same squad gives you access to the same base, and also shows you who your friends are in battle.

To invite someone to your squad, you need to walk up to them and press F.

This is the simplest answer, but I'll explain everything you need to know about squads in Deadside.

Inviting to a Squad

The first thing you need to do is to meet up with your friend in-game. If you’re new to the game, the easiest places to meet someone are the safe zones, which are marked by green circles on the map.

When your friend is standing right in front of you, you need to press F to send them a squad invite. They’ll immediately see a notification pop up that says they’ve been invited to a squad.

When they’ve received the invite they can then press F5 to join your squad. Once they’re in your squad, they can invite other people to the team if they’d like. You can have up to 5 people in one squad, but just know that friendly fire is always on.

Leaving a Squad

Players can leave a squad by pressing M to open their map, and then by pressing the Leave Squad icon at the top right.

People in your squad are able to open the door to your base, but can’t once they leave the squad. Be aware of this since sometimes squads are disbanded after leaving the server, and it can be very easy to get locked out of your base.

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