How to Get Tungsten in Astroneer

How to Get Tungsten in Astroneer

Tungsten is used in so many things, it is almost as important as compound or resin. Tungsten is used for hydrazine thrusters, labs, trade platforms, and so more! In this article, I will show you how to get Tungsten!

Tungsten is not found on the starter planet. Tungsten can be found on Desolo, the moon to the starting planet. Go to that planet and in the caves, you will find Wolframite. Wolframite is the raw form of tungsten. Once you have all you need, go back to your base. You will need to smelt the wolframite in order to get tungsten.

Where is Tungsten

Tungsten is found on the moon of the starting planet, Desolo. This planet is easy to survive on and is right next to you. As you can see, it's primary resource is wolframite.

What You Will Need

  • Enough fuel to get there and back
  • Tethers
  • Storage

It is always important to bring enough fuel for your journeys to other planets. You also want to make sure to bring tethers with you. Storage isn't a must-have, although, it will allow you to bring more material back with you.

Go to Desolo

Go ahead and launch off and go to Desolo. It doesn't matter where you land.

You will want to find a cave. Wolframite is found in caves.

This is what wolframite looks like. Go ahead and mine as much as you need.

Head Back Home and Smelt

The last step is to smelt the wolframite into tungsten.

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