How to Get The Spud Gun in Scrap Mechanic Survival

How to Get The Spud Gun in Scrap Mechanic Survival

Combat in scrap mechanics can be tough when you are fighting the scrap bots. Often times, I die when there are multiple. It gets pretty difficult when you are up close to the bots. This is the reason why I wanted the Spud Gun. The Spud Gun was one of, if not the first thing I wanted when I got the game. It may seem like it is impossible to get, but in this article, I will show you everything you need to do in order to get the Spud Gun.

The Spud Gun can be purchased at the farmer merchant. It costs, 2 blueberry and 2 orange packages, as well as a caged farmer.

Where to Get The Spud Gun

The Spud Gun is found at the merchant shop. If you don't know where this is, the merchant can be found around the package station. For me, the merchant was behind the package station.

What You Need to Buy the Spud Gun

  • Caged Farmer
  • 2 Blueberry Packages
  • 2 Orange Packages

You can see that the semi auto Spud Gun requires blueberries, oranges, and a caged farmer. If you are like me, at first glance, I had no clue on how or where to get these supplies. I will show you how to get everything you need to get the Spud Gun.

How to Get The Fruit Seeds

So in order to get the Spud Gun, you first need these fruit seeds.

  • 3 Beet packages
  • 3 Tomato Packages

You will need to grow the tomatoes and beets in order to purchase the fruit seeds.

You can find tomato and beet seeds right here next to the merchant.


If you aren't sure on how to farm, you will need these to farm successfully.

  • Fertilizer
  • Water buckets
  • Encloser

You will first need to build an enclosure around your farm because every so often, a timer on your crops will hit zero and you will need to defend it from scrap bots.

After you have an enclosure, you can start to place your fertilizer and then plant your tomatoes and beets.

Don't forget to water each individual crop with a bucket of water.

Once they are grown, you can pick them and they will give you more seeds to plant. (You need a total of 30 tomatoes and 30 beets).

Packing Station

Before you start packing your fruit and vegtables, you need to prepare your car to be able to use the packer.

  • Large storage
  • Vacuum

You also need:

  • A Button

So next you need to place the storage on the back of you car.

Place the vacuum on the large storage.


Next connect your button to your vacuum.

You also want to connect your drivers seat to your button.


Now that your car is all set, you will want to stock your storage with the 30 beets and 30 tomatoes and head over to the packer.

Back your car up to the respective packer. The shoot with open and then you will need to press the button that is connect to the vacuum. The vacuum will shoot out the fruit and the meter will start to rise.

One package will shoot out the back of the machine.

Pick them up and place them on your car. Once you have all of your packages you can make your way back to the merchant.

Stocking The Merchant

Before you can trade with those fruits and vegetables, you need to deposit your goods. Place your packages onto this platform and press the button.

Getting The Last Supplies

Now you can purchase the seeds you need for the Spud Gun.

Plant these and do the same process as you did with the beets and tomatoes. You need a total of 20 Blueberries and 20 Oranges.

Packaging The Fruit

You won't be able to pack the blueberries and oranges at the same package station. You will need to find the other package station. I followed the road and found it easily, they shouldn't be too far apart from each other.

Do the same process as before and head back to the merchant to deposit the fruits.

Getting The Caged Farmer

The Caged Farmers can be found around the map. I found this one behind the merchant. Go ahead and bring him over to the platform and deposit him into the merchant.

Purchase The Spud Gun

Now you can purchase the spud gun. The spud gun uses potatoes as ammo so make sure to plant and store those. The weapon does a good amount of damage and is worth all the work.

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