How to Get The Micro H.I.D. in SCP: Secret Laboratory

How to Get The Micro H.I.D. in SCP: Secret Laboratory

There are often many things to worry about when playing SCP: Secret Laboratory, the one that usually comes to mind are SCP's. SCP's seem near impossible to kill when shooting at them with a weapon. Luckily, In this article, I will show you how to get the Micro H.I.D. so you can kill SCP's faster.

The Micro H.I.D. can be found in a locked room in heavy containment. This room displays the words Micro H.I.D. on top. It requires a black keycard to get in. Once inside the room, on one side there is a work station and the other side is where the Micro will be.

Steps to Get to The Micro

  • First you need a black keycard
  • Lastly look for this room
  • Micro will be on this desk

How to Fire The Micro

  • Needs to charge up for 5 seconds ( hold left-click )
  • Hold a charge until it drains or is shot ( hold right-click )
  • Has a 2-second delay before it shoots
  • Can fire for 10 continuously if fully charged

This weapon is your best bet against any SCP. The Micro can kill any SCP with a full charge. You can charge up the Micro by holding ( left click ) and it will fire when it is charged. You can also charge up the Micro with ( right click ) and hold it but it will slowly drain.

How to Charge The Micro

The Micro does not have an unlimited charge. After a full charge shot, the Micro is out of its charge. In order to charge the Micro, you need to make your way back to the refinery room in light containment. Place the Micro in the Intake. You can charge the Micro with 1:1, Fine, or Very Fine setting. Push the button and the micro will come out of the output fully charged.

Why You Should Grab the Micro

Although it may seem like a hassle to get the Micro, it is well worth it. The Micro can kill any SCP in the game with a full charge. That alone should be reason enough to look for it. The micro can also kill multiple human players as well. This will give you the advantage. Overall, the Micro is not necessary but will give you the upper hand in the round.

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