How to get table coral in Subnautica: Below Zero

How to get table coral in Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero is a lot different from the original Subnautica because you are on another side of the planet. All the material locations from the first game are thrown out the window and it has you learn entirely new locations for each of the items. One such item is Table Coral. It was very easy to get Table Coral in the first Subnautica, but where is it in Below Zero?

How to harvest table coral

Before you find the Table Coral, like the first game, you will need a tool. All you need is a survival knife so you can cut it off wherever you find it. Once you have your knife created, all you need to do is find some Table Coral. There are 3 areas currently in the game that have Table Coral, Lilypad Islands, Tree Spires, and Twisty Bridges. Once you find Table COral, swim up to it and slice it with your knife. It will fall off and you can pick it up.

Lilypad Islands

This area is 0 - 340 meters down. The coordinates for this area are 333 -111 -1075. Keep in mind that Table Coral is not currently in this area, but it is supposed to be released in a later update. Make sure to explore this biome because it just looks awesome.

Tree Spires

This area is 70 - 460 meters down. The coordinates for this area are -85 -430 -1415. Like lilypad islands, Table COral is going to be added in a later update so if you read this article late, it might already be implemented into the game. Watch out because there are a couple of Leviathans in this area if you choose to explore this biome.

Twisty Bridges

This area is 50 - 250 meters down. The coordinates for this area are -224 -99 -250. This is the area you will spend a lot of your time so it is beneficial for you to get your Table Coral from here. The Table Coral is on the walls when you swim down between the bridges. Watch the video above for more guidance.

What is it used for?

Together with Copper Wire and Gold, they are used to manufacture the Computer Chip. This makes the Table Coral Sample a key-component to harvest early on in the game. If you see a different color than you are used to, it will still give you a Table Coral Sample no matter what color it may be. It is also used in the making of the Scanner Room, so make sure you have enough to complete the basic tasks.

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