How to Get Plastic in Astroneer

How to Get Plastic in Astroneer

Plastic is used in a lot of things in astroneer. It is used in things like the atmospheric condenser, shelter, rover seats, and so much more. It may seem like a confusing thing to make, but in reality, it is extremely simple to make. In this article, I will show you how to make plastic in astroneer.

Where to Make Plastic

Plastic is made in the chemistry lab. The chemistry lab is made on your medium printer. Below are the materials you will need to make the chemistry lab.

  • 1x - Tungsten
  • 1x - Glass
  • 1x - Ceramic

What You Need For Plastic

Plastic only requires carbon and compound. This is really easy once you know how to make carbon.


In order to make carbon you will first need to mine organic

Once you have organic, you need to smelt it and it will produce carbon.


Compound is found all around the surface of the planet.

Making Plastic

Once you have carbon and compound, you can load it up onto your chemistry lab and start it up. After a few seconds, you will have plastic.

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