How to Get Leather in TinkerTown

How to Get Leather in TinkerTown

The newly released TinkerTown game is finally out! With this release comes a lot of questions, one being how do you get leather? Well, in this article I will show you how to get leather in TInkerTown.

You First Need Plant Fiber

The first step towards getting leather is to gather up Plant Fibers.

Plant Fibers can be collected by breaking the dark bushes. These can only be gathered if you have a sword, axe, or pickaxe.

Make String

After gathering plant fibers, you'll need to make that into some string.

Go ahead and press TAB to open your crafting menu. Once you want at least 5-10 strings.

Make The Outfitter

After you have some string, you'll want to craft an outfitter.

You can also craft this by pressing TAB. You will also need an additional 10 wood, as well as the 5 string.

Kill Bats

So, go ahead and place down your outfitter, and go hunting for some bats.

Depending on how much leather you want to make, you'll need to kill at least one bat.

The bat will drop bat wings.

How to make Leather

Finally, you can make leather. Right-click on the outfitter, and make leather.

For one leather you need 1 batwing and 2 strings.

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