How to Get Hydrazine in Astroneer

How to Get Hydrazine in Astroneer

Hydrazine is used for a lot of important things in astroneer. Whether you are needing it to fuel your space ship or suit thrusters, to using it as a highly effective explosive, regardless, you are going to run into the problem of needing hydrazine. In this article, I will show you the easy steps to getting hydrazine in astroneer.

Where to Make Hydrazine

In order to make hydrazine, you will first need a chemistry lab. Hydrazine is made out of the following materials.

  • 2X Ammonium
  • Hydrogen

How to Get Ammonium

  • Soil Centrifuge

A great way to get ammonium is to fill your canisters up with soil, and use it to get ammonium from the soil centrifuge.

  • Trade Platform

You can also easily buy ammonium from the trade platform with scrap.

How to Get Hydrogen

In order to get hydrogen you will need to use the atmospheric condenser.

Making Hydrazine

Once you have the materials, you can make hydrazine!

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