How to Get Easy Mastery in Risk of Rain 2

How to Get Easy Mastery in Risk of Rain 2

I’ve been playing Risk of Rain 2 for a few weeks now, and lately I’ve been obsessed with getting the character Mastery skins. After searching for the best way, and I think I’ve found a way that will work almost every time.

This is a legitimate method that’s working as of Risk of Rain 2 version 1.0, and I don’t anticipate it changing anytime soon.

What you need to get started

To do this method, you’ll need the following things:

  1. Artifact of Command, Artifact of Sacrifice, and Artifact of Swarms
  2. A computer that can handle a ton of mobs on screen
  3. An hour or more of time

The fast computer part is extremely important, since there will be so much chaos happening that it can bog down even the best computers. I’ll also put it out there that it is not the fastest method, and it definitely isn’t the only way to do this. I found this way worked extremely well for me so I think it’ll work well for most people too.

The strategy

To start this method, you need to select the Artifact of Command, Sacrifice, and Swarms. This specific combination allows you to collect tons of items from the swarms of monsters, and then lets you choose which items you want.

Choose whatever character you want and start the game. The first part of this will be the longest, but it will definitely be worth it. For about the first 20 minutes, run around Stage 1 and become as overpowered as you possibly can. Usually with Swarms, the first items you want will be things such as Ukuleles, Wisps, and AtG Missiles. Basically, make yourself OP using damage boosting accessories.

Also, explore the map and get every drone you can find. Once you feel like you can destroy hordes with relative ease, the next part is to work on increasing your health regen. Choose items that boost health such as Infusions, Fresh Meat, Leeching Seed, and Medkits.

When you feel like your health regens fast enough, it’s time for the part that makes you nearly invincible. The combination of Tougher Times and Repulsion Armor Plates will both make you have a chance to negate damage, and also decrease damage taken when you do get hit. I like to stack these evenly until I have between 10 and 20, but if you notice yourself taking a lot of damage then focus on them again.

When it gets to about 18 minutes, I fight the teleporter boss and move onto stage 2. Since you’ll already have so many items, I like to stay on Stage 2 for about 5 minutes. You’ll be pretty powerful at this point, so really all you need to do is keep stacking Tougher Times, Repulsion Armor Plates, Infusions, and damage boosters.

Just like on stage 2, I only stay in Stage 3 for 5 minutes. Stage 4 though, you’re going to want to get the Legendary item. This entails either fighting the Alloy Worship Unit on Siren’s Call or farming for the Legendary Chest in Abyssal Depths.

Always select the Sentient Meat Hook first, because this item is amazing for hordes. If you already have one of those, the next thing to get is the Ceremonial Dagger. You can stay on this stage as long as you need to, but I usually try to complete it as fast as possible.

Loop or Boss

Once you get to stage 5, I hurry over to the teleporter and beat all the random boss enemies around. This is where you need to choose if you’ll fight the boss or loop the game. If you’re finding that your computer is slowing down, it’s probably best to fight the boss.

Before you fight the boss, make sure you have some speed and movement accessories to make it easier. If you choose to loop the game, there’s one enemy in particular that you need to watch out for.

The Void Reaver can spawn on the third loop, right before you can obliterate yourself. This enemy can one-shot kill you no matter what items you have, so always stay away from it.

Whether you choose the boss fight or obliterate yourself, you’ll still have a pretty easy time with this method. This will work for every character, but you’ll have to cater the items you get to your specific character. For example, Engineers should have a bunch of Bustling Fungus, and Captains should have a bunch of Soldier’s Syringes.

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