How to Get and Apply Rust Skins

How to Get and Apply Rust Skins

Have you ever seen players running around with some awesome skins, and wondered how you can get them for yourself? Well, I'll show you exactly how you go about purchasing skins and then putting them on your items.

To buy a skin, you can purchase them from the in-game store or from the Steam Market. When you want to put it on your gun, you need to apply it when you craft the item or use a repair bench.

If you need more explanation than that, I'll explain how to easily do all of those things.

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Buying Skins

Both of these methods are good, but the Item Store barely has any skins to purchase. You're always able to look on there, but use the Steam Market for way more options.

Item Store

The item store is accessed through the Rust menu. Although you can see a handful of items, there aren't nearly the amount of items.

It's also slightly annoying to check out using the Item Store, which is another reason why the Steam Market is better. I only check this every once in a while to see if there are any cool skins, but otherwise, I don't touch it.

Steam Market

The Steam Market hold every skin Rust has to offer, as well as skins and items from many other games. To get to the market, you need to hover over Community at the top, and press market.

Then, select Rust from the list of games on the right. You'll then see all of the different skins available for purchase, and you can apply all sorts of filters such as by item and by price.

Applying Skins

Both of these methods work great, but certain items can't have skins applied using the first one since they are uncraftable.


When you create any item, you'll see a picture of it above where the required items are. Each picture is a different skin you own, which you can click on to set the skin you want on the item.

There isn't any way to set your default skin for items like the rock until you die at least once. For rock skins, you need to spawn in an set whichever skin you want. Dying will reset your default, and you'll automatically spawn with it.

Repair Bench

Once you've built a base and have a repair bench, you can apply skins to items you've found around the world, including uncraftable crate items. There isn't any penalty for doing this, so you don't have to worry about wasting materials or durability.

Creating Skins

Rust gives you the option to create skins, though it's very unlikely you'll get to use it in game. When you make one, you need to submit it to the workshop, which then gets voted on by players.

Only the best skins get chosen, but the ones that do make some extra Steam credit for the creator. It's very hard to make them too, but it can be worth it if you know what you're doing.

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