How to Get a Ring in Inscryption

How to Get a Ring in Inscryption

Inscyption is one of the most unique games out of 2021. The game is filled with lots of interesting mechanics that may confuse a lot of people. By the time players get to the final boss, they most likely have a large portion of Act 1 already completed.

A ring can be obtained by unlocking the Cuckoo Clock in Leshy’s cabin. You can also satisfy the Trial of the Ring by having a Ringworm Card or an Ouroboros Card in your deck.

Some people have also stated that the Long Elk satisfies the achievement, but that doesn’t seem very likely and I was unable to verify if that’s correct.

Having any one of those in your inventory will allow you to immediately pass the Trial of the Ring and receive the important boost before the final boss fight.

However, there are some alternate uses for Ouroboros and Ringworm that most people might not know about, which I’ll explain down below.

What Does the Ringworm Do?

After dying 4 times, the game will let players power up their cards at a bonfire up to 4 times. Each time you power one up, there’s a chance that the hungry survivors will eat your card, destroying it permanently.

Certain dangerous cards like ones with Touch of Death and the Ringworm have hidden powers when it comes to bonfires.

Ringworms and Touch of death cards can be fed to the survivors, causing them to die. Players will then be able to power up their cards 4 times each bonfire without any threat of losing their cards.

Is the Ringworm Card Any Good?

On its own, the Ringworm is a pretty underwhelming card. Starting off with 1 Health and 0 Power, it can’t even attack without being powered up. Without adding at least 1 damage, the Ringworm is basically worse than the squirrel card.

However, feeding it to the hungry survivors at the bonfire is definitely the best usage for it. There is always the option of powering it up just for the meme, as it would be pretty funny to create an overpowered Ringworm Card using strong sigils.

The fact that it’s only one blood to play makes it a great candidate for sigils like Unkillable, or even Trifurcated Strike from a Mantis God if you manage to give it a little damage.

Besides those few uses though, the Ringworm is not a good card. If you have the option to sacrifice it besides at the campfire, it should be the first card in your deck to get the boot.

What Does Ouroboros Do?

Surprisingly, Ouroboros is one of the most powerful cards in the entire game. Every time it dies, it’ll be reborn with more power and more health, giving it the potential for unlimited stats.

Placing a powerful sigil on it such as Many Lives or Unkillable, you can destroy the cards as many times as you’d like without consequences.

In the main game, these stats will persist between runs, making the card nearly unbeatable. This is changed in Kaycee’s Mod though, as the card will revert back to 1 Power 1 Health at the end of each run.

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