How to Eat, Drink, and Heal in Deadside

How to Eat, Drink, and Heal in Deadside

Survival is one of the main aspects of the game, and you won’t be able to survive long without consuming any food or healing your damage. The game doesn't really show you how to consume anything, leading many people to wonder how they use these essential items.


To heal yourself, you must either craft Sanitized Rags or buy bandages from the shop. Bandages can get expensive if you buy them often, but they restore a lot more health than the rags do.

Crafting Sanitized Rags requires combining rags with Vodka, Moonshine, or Alcohol in the crafting menu. You can find those items lying around in houses or buildings, and you can tear any clothes you find into rags.

When you have any crafting item, you need to drag it into your hotbar to use it. Once it’s at the bottom, you need to select it using one of your number keys. To use the bandage, hold down left click until the healing is complete. Your health will slowly increase until the bandage wears off, and you may need to use multiple to get back up to full health.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking works exactly the same way, except you can’t craft any food items. When you get soda or food, you need to drag it into your hotbar. Select the item, and hold left click until you finish consuming the item.

Food and drink can be found pretty much anywhere around the world, but it seems like they don’t spawn that often. You can buy them from the shops for a good price, so I recommend stocking up with at least 3 food and 3 sodas for any trips you go on.

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