How to Download and Play Super People on Steam

How to Download and Play Super People on Steam

I'm sure the reason you've come to this article is that you have heard of the recent success of the newly released, Super People game. This game has sort of taken the Battle Royal community by storm and especially those who enjoyed games such as Player Uknown's battlegrounds and H1Z1.

The game combines the feel and gunplay of PUBG while adding elements from valorant and even the graphical style and crafting from something like Fortnite. It almost has a perfect blend of what players enjoy from some of the best free-to-play games out right now.

There is no doubt that the Super People Is catching some steam and at this rate, it can become a prominent player in the Battle Royal genre.

Do keep in mind that the game is not fully released and is only in its CBT state, Closed beta Testing. The game definitely not finished and has some ways to improve but for what it is, it's an incredible game.

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Where To Find Super People

Super People CBT is currently only found on Steam. It downloads its own launcher but you can only get access to it through the steam launcher.

If you don't currently have the steam launcher, you can get it at:

Do keep in mind that Super People is only available for Windows operated systems and is NOT compatible with Mac systems.

How To Play Super People

Before you are actually able to install Super People, you'll be prompted to opt into the beta access of the game.

Accept the early beta access and install the game.

Once the game is installed, you'll download the actual launcher for the game. You will need a phone number to verify your identity and your age. If you don't have a phone number, an easy way to get into the game is to install something like whatsapp or some sort of application that grants you access to a phone number.

Sign up and use that phone number, once you place in the information, you can go ahead and get rid of the application.

Some Extra Notes

As I mentioned before, the game is in early beta access and will have updates very frequently. Often times, there is maintenance for hours at a time and you are unable to play. Again, this game is being released in a state that needs improvement so it should be expected that for some blocks often, you will be unable to play the game.

The game does run very well for being in early beta access but it may not run on some older systems. You need at least a GTX 960 and an i5-4430 to run the game at a decent frame rate.

You also need to add your steam friends through the game once you are playing. You can't play with your steam friends unless you first add them through the game. It is a simple and easy process considering that your steam friends will appear in your friends list once you are in the game.

Other than that, lobbies are pretty easy to find and the game has a bright future for what it is.


Once you have verified your identity and "age", you are now able to launch Super People CBT and play the game! The launcher, as of writing this article, doesn't need any additional information. You may need to make a separate account for their logs but as of now, we don't know.

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