How To Change Your Face In Brick Rigs

How To Change Your Face In Brick Rigs

They are many different faces in Brick Rigs, but there are certain ways to get each of these. There is only one keybind to change his face. The Character (Bob) has faces in the forms of colons, numbers, letters, and even parentheses.

What is Brick Rigs?

Brick Rigs is a multiplayer physics building game on steam. At first, you might think it's a lego game, but this game has many different modes, to a zombie mode, conquest, sandbox, and battle. It has a full steam workshop and a very active community.

There are six different faces Bob can do. The standard smiling face is always active. The face :3 appears when you are driving a vehicle. When you aim he will go in a sort of winking face. When you shoot something with a rocket launcher, his face will turn into a :p. When he jumps he will make a :O face, and when he dies his eyes will be X's instead of a colon.

There are other different customization options you can choose from. You can choose your outfit and loadout just from changing roles. The different roles include Civilian, Criminal, Police, Fire Department, Brick Rigs Armed Forces (BRAF), and Desert Worms (DW). Civilian has no items. The criminal has a small rapid-fire pistol that it can use against the police, while police have the option of an AR or a pistol. Fire Department has no items. The two different roles BRAF and DW have the same loadout but their weapons were just differently textured.

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