Here's Why the Stoat Card Changes in Inscryption

Here's Why the Stoat Card Changes in Inscryption

Do you ever wonder why the Stoat card changes in Inscryption? This card game on Steam is full of mystery, and the Stoat card is just one of the many mysteries to solve. In this article, we will explain the reason behind this change.

Warning: there will be spoilers ofAct 2 of Inscryption and onward.

The Stoat card changes in Inscryption because the card is secretly a character called P03, a robot. This change happens slowly as the player loses more games. As you get closer to beating Act 1, that card and several others change to look like the characters that are trapped inside them.

Unlike what the game seems at the beginning, Inscryption is a game about trapping and defeating these characters. In Act II, you'll also find out that P03 was the one who trapped all of the other characters in the first place.

If you're interested in the lore or other questions about the Stoat, keep reading for more answers.

What Does the Stoat Card Do?

From the very start of the game, the Stoat card talks to the player and helps to guide them. Without his help, it would be extremely hard to figure out where to go next and what to do.

Some of the other cards you find will actually interact with the Stoat, and these are the other characters who are trapped in the cards. In order to free them, you have to beat the different Acts of Inscryption.

Is P03 the Stoat?

In case you didn't catch it in your playthrough, the Stoat card is actually P03. At first, it's not incredibly obvious, but it can somewhat be seen by P03's sarcastic and dark sense of humor.

Once the player starts losing more games, the Stoat will change slightly. After losing some more, the cards change even more. In Act II, the Stoat doesn't behave the same as it does in Act 1.

Is there a secret ending to Inscryption?

Yes, Inscryption has a secret ending. But it's incredibly difficult to get and took hundreds of people to solve. Hidden in the game are several ciphers that all pertain to an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) surrounding the characters in the game.

The developer created an incredibly complicated and interesting backstory to the game that players wouldn't be able to solve on their own. In fact, people have found real buried items as a direct result of this ARG.

If you're curious about the ARG and want to try and solve it yourself, we suggest looking into it online.

Is there a good ending to Inscryption?

While the main ending of Inscryption is technically a good ending, it doesn't end well for the live-action character Barry Wilkinson, who is assassinated for knowledge of the game's existence.

The secret ending actually reveals that P03 successfully completed his goal, meaning that the secret ending is actually the bad ending. The story is very interesting and unique, so we recommend watching recaps of the entire story.

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